Blessing In Disguise

I am always dreaming of a day without pain. That is my greatest wish, to live just a single day without feeling I run over by a truck. Last year, my wish had been granted.

I found out that whenever I get sick, I mean seriously sick, I don’t feel pain. I can lay on my side without experiencing shortness of breath and pain in my chest. My guess is those antibodies attacking my own body get momentarily distracted finding another subjects to entertain and occupy themselves, leaving my system alone to have some rest.

Today I have bronchitis and a flu. It means I don’t have the usual pain I’m experiencing every second of my life. Today I have some respite from excruciating ordeal I have to endure day by day since I’ve been diagnosed. Today I’m lucky.

I’m off now to visit my GP for some antibiotics.  See you later…


Just back from the doctor. Apparently I have also upper respiratory tract infection (laryngitis and sinusitis) Great.


17 thoughts on “Blessing In Disguise”

      1. me too. I only use those words when they’re part of a wordle. I forget they exist without such prompting. I read a great article somewhere about how the most popular books are written for adults but use a nine year old’s reading level. No big words there!


      2. Did not read any of them. But whenever I’m in a bookshop I will pick a copy and try to understand the heisa surrounding both books, reading few lines each time. I even tried to watch the film versions but I lasted only 30 minutes. I just can’t take it.

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      3. They’re not for everyone. I listened to the audiobooks for Harry Potter recently and liked them but before that I hadn’t read them. they’re cute stories but they are an acquired taste. Not touching Fifty Shades of Gray with a ten foot pole though. Not my kind of book.


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