What is your worst quality?

I’m a worrier.

I worry about everything. 

I worry about the neighbors who said we parked our car on the wrong spot. Why they care? It’s not their own parking.

I worry about every conversation I had and scrutinize every word that has been said, maybe I’ve missed something. Perhaps It could have been better.

I worry about the dog that I saw walking in the middle of a busy road. Did the animal find it’s way back home unharmed?

I worry about girls who cycle through the park in the dark. Do their parents know? Do they know the risk?

I worry about the temperature in my son’s house. 17 degrees. Is it too cold in there? maybe that’s why he coughs a lot.

I worry about my daughter being alone in her apartment. Anything could happen. She said it’s safe. But where is safe?

I worry about someone who has to drive to work everyday. I find that people on the road are getting more and more aggressive nowadays.

I worry about the current state of the world, the nature, deforestation, global warming, terrorists attacks…   I worry about everything.



21 thoughts on “Flawed”

    1. Yes. I’m busy editing the words. There were/are so many grammatical mistakes and typos. I’m more tired than I thought. (23:41 here and I just came in from Christmas shopping and a family visit)

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      1. I worry about work, life, time passing me by, money, if I’ll ever write all I want to write, if I’ll ever publish anything, if I’ll ever find love, the world, family…all the things we all worry about.


  1. I am always being told to quit worrying, especially if it is something I can’t do anything about. But someone has to worry. 🙂


    1. Easier said than done. I believe we all worry. It only differs in a manner of subject and degree. Some people worry about self image and material things, some about day to day life.


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