Modern Day Freedom

What is freedom…

Slaves by the clock

Self-image, status

Grown up toys

And gadgets

Stuck in a rat race

Is that freedom?


Freedom is…

A simple life

A simple house

Time for each other

And for loved ones

Time to enjoy fruits of labor

Watch the sunset

Swim in the ocean


What is freedom…

If you’re depressed

stressed, tired, can’t sleep

Near burn-out, can’t smile

Worried, aggressive, intolerant

Is that freedom?


Freedom is…

Being content

Being happy

Regardless of

View of society


Freedom is…

Having the time

To smell the roses

Walk in sunshine


Not hurrying

Enjoying the simple things

Simple things mean a lot

Appreciate it, doesn’t cost much


Freedom is…

Being content

Of who you are

And your achievements

Don’t compare yourself

With anyone

If you compete

You lost freedom…



43 thoughts on “Modern Day Freedom”

  1. “If you compete

    You lost freedom…” — so true! The first stanza is my life! The second one is what I want my life to be. This is a great poem. There is so much to sink your teeth into and think on.


    1. I’m happy you think so. I’m in the same boat. Ironic enough, it have been a reversed walk for me. For the sake of peace I have chosen the wrong path and landed in a rat race. I traded freedom for peace unknowingly.

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      1. At least you have peace to show for it. While I might not have the simple joys of a simple life, i do have a roof over my head and food on the table. For that I am grateful. I’m working off my debt so that one day soon I can be free to live a simpler existence.


      2. I value freedom and peace of mind the most. For a a free spirited nomadic gypsy like me, peace can be boring and deadly.
        You’re young, all your dreams can still come true with dedication , perseverance and hard work. I have no doubt in your capabilities.
        You’re right. We don’t have the lives we desired for the moment but there is still a lot to be thankful of.

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  2. Indeed we wrote twins! So we’re family now! Lol
    I loved yours. You went through the definition of what freedom is it not in the corporate context, whereas I went through the decision to leave it.
    Great minds think alike? 😉


  3. I agree with what you wrote we’re so bogged and busy these days and its killing us. Great writing 🙂


  4. Loved it — your opening stanza is a question that everyone can resonate with. And these words pull the reader up short:
    “Slaves by the clock …
    Stuck in a rat race
    Is that freedom?”
    And then, you go on to define freedom very simply and thoughtfully.
    Nicely done.


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