Drip, drip, drip in the reservoir of my mind

Scratch, scratch, scratch on the walls of my consciousness

Now you see it now you don’t playing hide and seek

Within grasp cannot catch, why it’s so elusive?

Run, run, run after it and fast

Maybe still there just around the corner waiting to surprise

Almost have the taste feeling the presence but nowhere in sight

Like the wind teasing the brain better to give up?

Oh, so near yet so far like a distant___ star?

Skip, skip, skip into nothingness resign, resign, resign…




5 thoughts on “Sleep”

  1. I too love this. The repeated sounds/words in the first two lines that create a visual and visceral environment for the poem to unfold; the lines that follow which build on that filling in details as the dramatic action begins (run, grasp etc). Then you weave in the element of mystery and sleep’s elusiveness before closing out with the three repeated words, which nicely tie the poem up.


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