…that last and last

seems eternity

look around

nothing new

same familiar view


a second stretches forever

it could have been a week

a month, a year, all the same

what matters is

every passing second

spend in this cell is

like a hell

a lifetime imprisonment

every second  a torture

longing for freedom…



26 thoughts on “Seconds”

  1. It sounds like prison, solitary confinement, or chronic illness; a large chunk of every life, long or short. May the poem’s character get to be with others again, and back towards living. Nice work. Nicely said. Sad.


  2. I like how you went against the grain with this and instead of emphasizing the speed of a second, you drew it out and pulled the reader into that elongated second where time has no meaning and is not measured in seconds but in the soul’s suffering.


      1. I decade ago I tried to belong, tried to understand herd mentality. I went where they go and did what they do till I lost myself and became a copy of them. I find it a very high price to pay. I have chosen self imposed solitude even it becomes lonely at times. But I rather be lonely than be someone else I cannot stand.


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