Contemplating the future

Puzzling over the present

Trying to make sense of the past

Mulling over various possibilities

Considering every thought and action

Thinking of lessons learned from

Countless betrayals and bitter mistakes

Each one more agonizing than the last

Regrets and pain

Reflected on a wounded heart.


66 thoughts on “Reflection”

  1. I like you pile up all these concrete mental activities (puzzling, mulling, etc) into a complex reflection “Reflected on a wounded heart.” That last line is killer! It clinches the poem and completes the word picture you’re building and it’s also a sad comment on where the speaker of the poem is her life right now. But there is also hope too built into each line with mentions of future, possibilities, action, learning and then heart. A very deep and complex look into a reflected heart. πŸ™‚

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      1. I will be honest with you about my personal view on this whole thing. I don’t believe in love. I even shy away from films, articles, poems, books about love. Not because I’ve been hurt because of all the things that have happened to me, miraculously I’ve been spared from romantic heartbreaks. Maybe because I never fall in love or have seen a lot of miseries caused by love. If I can choose or given a chance to overdo my life, I will not get married or have children (my kids are fantastic it’s not them it’s me) I will be a career woman jet setting having affairs on foreign soil but I will come home alone.

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      2. I’m a career woman and there are times I wish I weren’t but there a lot more times that I’m glad romance avoided me. I’ve know too many unhappy, envious wives. Some of them break my heart. I wish I could afford travel! Living alone is not cost effective! so I get where you’re coming from. I’m on the flip side and around the holidays your side looks a whole lot greener then mine


      3. Not really. I have an aunt who devoted 27 years of her life on my daughter. Literally till her last dying breath. When she got cancer, my daughter who had been brought up by her to believe in fairy tales stayed away because she didn’t know how to cope. It was my son who took care of her and she died on his lap. My husband has a grandmother who brought him up and till know favored him above everyone. Does he has time for her? Hell, no! I have to urge him to call. Recently her husband had been taken away to home for the aged suffering last stage of alzheimer. The other day she called my husband, she was clearly drunk and so lonely it broke my heart just by listening. Having a family isn’t always people think it is. Especially this generation where time becomes the most sought after precious commodity. Nobody has time anymore for bonding and old fashioned get together. Everyone is busy.

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      4. You are so right. I try to keep up with everyone but sometimes months fly by in between visits because we just can’t find a day we’re all free. It’s even harder when relatives live 1000s of miles away. My dad tried to visit his sister before his stroke but she refused to take time off from work to spend with her brother. She could see my dad for 1 hour only. He decided not to take off from work and drive 13 hours to see her. I’m glad he changed his mind because he had the stroke on the day he was supposed to be halfway to her house. So very glad he didn’t have a stroke while driving but had it at home where we could get him help.


      5. You want something to hope for.
        I came from a very religious culture and taught to follow without question. Pray the rosary every night and everything is a sin. Somehow along the way, I lost my belief. Very hard not to when the facts/truth is staring right at you day by day. But hope is good. I know I still has it somewhere despite of.

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      6. I had a very religious upbringing too and while I struggle with faith from time to time, I can’t walk away from it either. It won’t let me and maybe I won’t let it go either. So we struggle like every saint and person mentioned in the Bible. At least I am in good company in my struggle πŸ™‚ Your poems always have a hopeful note. So it’s definitely in there somewhere, holding the candle in the window for your return.


      7. I figure if Jacob can be a bad boy in the bible and still see angels descending while he’d lying about everything and he spends his entire life struggling with God and some kind of belief and God still loves him despite all the asinine things he does, then He must love the struggle in us and maybe that’s what this is all about, struggle. So I struggle on. πŸ™‚


      8. This reminds me of a certain episode in my life when the youngest brother of my mother fell in love with me and condemned by his own family. He said one night to his mother: Why it is a sin to love a relative while all those holy men in the bible married their sister or daughter. They thrown us out in the middle of the night πŸ™‚
        Shahin an iranian friend married her first cousin and I said to her it’s unfair. If we face judgement day, we will be judge according to our religions? What a mortal sin in mine is just standard in hers.

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      9. well genetically it’s better if parents are not related; they have healthier kids and relatives marrying can create familiar friction, so I can see their point. They’re trying to give people rules to live by which will help them live happy, healthy lives.


      10. I love audible. I have over 1000 audio books. πŸ™‚ I hope they provide an escape for you. I’m going to escape to my audio book now while I go for my lunch time walk. Catch you later πŸ™‚


  2. A clear, moving, crystalline poem! Loved the last lines:
    “Regrets and pain
    Reflected on a wounded heart.”

    I am sorry about all that you’ve had to endure!
    And yet, I like how you’re still learning, and “puzzling over the present.” (So much better than “agonizing over the present!”)


    1. I originally wrote it the way you said it here but I changed my mind. I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t accept defeat yet. Hope floats still. Though it swimming frantically trying not to sink.

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