The ability to bounce back after

Been pushed to the edge

Calling on upon own internal resources


“Self-righting tendency”


That ineffable quality

To rise from the ashes

That’s magic.


35 thoughts on “Magic”

  1. “That ineffable quality

    To rise from the ashes

    That’s magic.” <– that is so true at least for me that is what magic means and why I am enthralled by it. You captured its essence so perfectly here.


      1. You are very talented and being too hard on yourself. Whatever you write will be great because you wrote it, because no one but you could have written it and because if you didn’t write it, it would have continued to languish in the void with all those other ideas that writers don’t write out of fear. 🙂 So put thoughts of worth out of mind, my friend. Just write what’s in you. 🙂


      2. Ha, ha, ha! I rarely go out but when I do, people and their habits terrify me. So much, unfriendliness, so much intolerance! So much worship for material things and outward beauty. So much care for self created image. If they can only direct those efforts on what really matters.

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      3. Everything can change in an instant and put that materialism in context. We don’t know what that instant will come but it always does. One always comes face to face with what really matters and the rest all falls away.


      4. I think change comes precisely at the right time so that it has maximum effect. So in that sense, there is no too late or too early. It happens when it can.


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