Itchy Feet

When I was growing up we moved a lot.

We never had a real home or time to settle and grow roots. My memories of home are vague snippets of strange places with different people sometimes I doubt if they are real or imagined.

I never want to go abroad. It was never my dream. I was happy where  I was.

When I was 17  I found myself in Europe. What a strange place. I can’t get used to the food and the weather. I came from the land of endless summer. Here, it is mostly cold, the trees bare and looking like Blair Witch Project.

For the first time I stayed longer in one place, twenty  years.

Eleven years ago, I moved again. This time in an apartment. After 3 years I moved once more to a terraced town house. I stayed there for another three years before I settled in a six bedroom Edwardian house in the country. It took me five years to move to a suburban villa where I am currently living.

Last week I started looking for houses. I have appointments to view some of them this weekend. Yesterday I saw two and was disappointed. 

I guess, I’m moving again.


32 thoughts on “Itchy Feet”

  1. Great post. I don’t think there is anything quite like travel to broaden your horizons.


      1. Yes it is. In my photoblog I put a quote that goes like this: The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

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      1. I feel the same about places from my past too. I can call up those memories with a photo. I’d love to see more of those some day.


      2. What I regret not having are photographs of my past before I came here. Te first picture I have of myself was on my wedding day. No baby photos(I guess we could not afford then) the few school pictures such as graduations and Christmas parties were taken by flood (my mother said)

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      3. Aww that is a shame about the school photos. Might there be any sort of archive in the town that may not have been destroyed?


      4. That’s a real shame. Then again when it comes to the school photos I never want to see those old school uniforms and bad 70’s haircuts again!


      5. Well let me paint you a picture…St Josephs Grammar School in New Jersey…lets say 1975. Green polyster checkered pants. Yellow shirt. Checkered tie. Long busy red hair. A bicycle with a transistor radio dangling from the handles. The shortest boy in my class for 8 years straight. Scrawny and non-athletic. That’s me!


    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I am having trouble with my keyboard, for some reasons it doesn’t work properly. Some letters get stuck I have to punch each one of them hard in order to work.


      1. Indeed. Life’s little bonuses 🙂 I visited your site and I found out that we share the same passion for travelling. You moved to another country too. A country totally opposite of yours. Quite an adventure. A fellow itchy feet. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  2. To each other we are probably very different, I’ve always been a static kind of person staying in one place for most of my life. I’ve moved only three times in my life and each place I stayed for a significant amount of time. I enjoy being somewhere I feel natural in, I’m not good with new surroundings.


    1. I am married with someone like you. I succeeded in converting him. Stagnation is deadly for my soul.I need constant changes to stay inspired and stimulated. I’m a nomad in heart and soul. 🙂 But I do understand people who wants to build nest and stay put. I respect their point of view. Even an eagle has to land sometimes.

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