Our Lives

We live such a hypocritical life these days. We write poetry, we draw paintings of nature, people, objects, the good and the bad. We write novels and make memories and write about it, them and dream of an idealistic expectation of how life is supposed to be, of how different our lives would be if we were not who we are today  and write about those too.

We make art. We talk about sex, intimacy, love, hatred, jealousy, friendship, failed relationships, dream men and dream women, motherhood. We criticise capitalism, the government, the law. We make revolutions to overthrow a system that will be too soon replaced by another-then we work on criticising that too. We complain about the flaws in education, the rising prices of basic necessities. Yet we still work to maintain this complex hierarchical structure.

We make art to realize the repressed true ‘us’.

Somewhere, anywhere, there’s a little boy who wants to be a writer, a traveler, an adventurer yet he ends up at 30 working as a sales manager. Somewhere, anywhere there’s a girl who wants to save little sick children yet ends up at 23 bleaching the blonde hair of a billionaire’s wife.

I wish, oh how I wish that one day I wake up to a world full of expressive honest artists following a passion instead of clean-cut financiers dressed up in fancy suits just to impress. Oh imagine how different our existence would be. We live in a beautiful world that we exploit more than we relish its magnificence.

– Mona Heidar

Old Mirror Standing Against Wall

12 thoughts on “Our Lives”

  1. You’re right. I usually don’t get the world for how it (and sometimes I) behaves. The world and I are constantly in tension. I like the alternate world you describe, which I find only in pockets of existence and even then far and few between. The Romantics thought theirs was the better political vision: those who see a world to “relish” (that’s a great word) and to use in only the best symbiotic way–these are the ones who should be in charge. A world of creativity and productivity. The right kind of productivity. Yes, I want to live there. Thank you!


    1. We can only hope and dream. Some might say we are idealists but show me a person who doesn’t dream of a better world and I will question his/her sanity. Even those who seem to have it all have their own version. I think too much and see too much. I don’t know if it is a gift or a curse. Sometimes I wish I’m one of those simple, uncomplicated beings. They are the lucky ones.


  2. You are so right! I wanted to be a writer since a young child and ended up in healthcare. Why is it that we rarely follow our dreams? There needs to be a safe haven for that little boy or little girl to feel free to be creative and follow their dreams. Great post!


    1. I want to study fine arts and journalism but my father said I had to choose a realistic profession that will guarantee I earned money so I went to medical field. A decade ago I decided to quit my job and pursue my life long dream of becoming a designer. Couple of years ago I was diagnosed with an immune disease that leaves me crippled most of the time. I finally realized my dream but I’m running out of time to live it. That’s why for those who can’t decide what they want, just follow your heart. The time is now.

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      1. The time is definitely now. I’m so proud that you quit your job to follow your dream. It’s important to leave your mark in this life so we all can say we know a bit of who you are. Your legacy lives through your work! So design! Draw! Journal! Continue to live the best version of yourself. I admire your transparency in your posts.


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