When it rains it gives me the feeling of wanting to climb up the roof and make love on the corrugated roof plates. 

Seriously, I adore rain; and tend to take a long walk when it’s pouring cats and dogs. I love the feeling of water caressing my face. (They say that it is also a natural moisturizer) and the way the drops look on the foliage is simply amazing! There is some magical something about it. Did you ever notice how the plants look like just after the rain? They seem happy and vibrant and refreshed. Much like us, I guess after we took a shower, or a bath, or a swim. Or something else… I call it being watered. 

The colours are more vivid too! As if everything comes suddenly alive! One can almost hear them singing! And the smell! I’m dying to find a perfume that can come close to that intoxicating fragrance of positive energy, hope, and happiness! I am still searching…

Aside from the rain, I adore stormy weather. Now… that is a totally different thing.

Stormy weather is pure excitement! The air is laden, breathing…. Pregnant with anticipation and electrical currents! Charged with heavy, strong emotion that has to come out! You feel that there is something extraordinary coming! I compare it with that crucial, special yet selfish moment before orgasm… you have to chase the feeling, capture it, isolate and…Release!

That moment is yours and yours alone! For that split second, you’re oblivious of your surroundings; you don’t care about anyone or anything. That is your moment, and you got to have it no matter what.

That is the same with rain and stormy weather. (Forces of nature in general) One can hope and pray, but they will have their say. When their moments arrive, they will seize it no matter what. And that is what I call freedom.

Walking in the rain and chasing stormy weather is being part of that feeling of abandonment. It may not be totally mine, but to share their eternal glory is for me good enough… 


Daily Prompt:  Singin’ in the Rain

21 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. Very nice! I can tell you like rain and stormy weather. The only thing I noticed was your change from “I” to “you” within your piece of writing. My suggestion would be to keep it to only one of those.


    1. ah, it have to be that way. the first part is how i experience it personally. the second part is in general. it would be strange if i use “I” in the second part. try it 🙂


    1. i was watching the drops hit the window panes and the way it makes me feel inside. the longing to go out and bathe in its torrent. it is like a warm all-over embrace. did you ever experience swimming in the sea while raining? the difference of temperature between the two is so pronounce is like being in a heated swimming pool in the middle of the winter.


  2. I really really LOVE how you describes rain. Even though I love rain, I don’t think I can describe it as beautiful as you did. You make me miss heavy rain. We’re having long dry season here in Indonesia. I desperately miss rain.


    1. I think back in my home country, we have the same weather. I miss it too. The way you can bath and run in the rain… Here, In Europe, a shower means drop of temperature of several degrees.


  3. This is lovely! I’ve been thinking of writing a similar post. I’m from Vancouver, Canada where it rains all the time, and I used to really not like it all that much. But being away for so long, rain is now my favourite thing, as is oceans. And the little things you mention — how plants look after it rains, the colours, the smell, oh the smell! I love the smell after it rains Thanks for such a beautiful post, I’ll likely be linking back to it when I write mine!


  4. […] the rumbling sky or at the edge of a fog bank where suddenly, you feel different. A restlessness, a sense of longing for a place that does not exist. I don’t know if anyone else has felt the electric tense changing of that moment. It calls the […]


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