The Things We Find

I was walking in the parking lot to my car
When I saw a small paper lying on the ground
I picked it up out of curiosity and begun reading
It was a bucket list of someone who was dying…

It said:

Before I die I want to travel
Different places I’ve never been
Learn another culture, see other people
Explore new frontier and horizon

Before I die I want to see in Broadway
The phantom Of The Opera
I want to ride in hot air balloon
See this world from above like an eagle…

I want to jump from an airplane
Go zip -lining  or bungee jumping
skateboarding, paragliding
Or have a ride in a zeppelin…

I want to go to a concert
Hear live music from the 80’s
See Air Supply in person
Watch Nadal live in Wimbledon…

Before I die I want to go
To New Zealand or Australia
Go to my home country to see the sun
I want to live before I die…

I don’t know who is the owner of the note
If s/he’s still living or already dead
But I decided to own the list
I vowed to follow them myself…

15 thoughts on “The Things We Find”

  1. I do not see dying as an end; but a new beginning.

    The notion of …. I have to do this before I die, scenario. To me is absurd. I have already done so many things in my life, to satisfy. Yet the biggest one for me, was finding God in my heart.

    Satisfaction in this world can never be achieved while there is duality. The mind can never be satisfied. Always craving more stimulus. When the best stimulus is already inside, each one of us ….


    1. I have been nominated for lots of various awards since I started blogging but yet to accept one. Though I am extremely grateful for the gesture and appreciate the recognition so very much, I find the whole process tedious and I really don’t believe in it. I hope you understand and again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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