Do you remember the time you were serenading me across the street on your knees while your friends were hovering in the background encouraging you? How about purposely throwing away important basketball matches simply because you thought I was more concerned about Jethro’s game injuries than yours?

You were so childish. You were only 17 after all. But it was not an enough excuse to behave like a four year old. Remember, you only going to ride in a vehicle if it is maroon, fairly new and with sound system on board? How about the times you refused to leave a mall arcade unless you get an ice cream sundae?  You know why I tolerated you as much? Because I thought your mother was a friend of mine. Well, she was; until…

Did you forget already that you got so angry with me because I didn’t wait for you to come home from school so we can go to the cinema and watch Titanic? I went with Leo instead. You must know that I am not the type to wait. I have my own schedule and it doesn’t stand still for anyone. Not even you.

You were full of yourself. You demand constant attention from everyone and will do anything to get it. Like disturbing a team meeting by coming so late, singing a song while putting off your shirt. Or ringing me hundred times a night till my brother had enough and hanged up the phone on you.

I don’t know why you did those things, you lived just across the street from me, your bedroom was facing mine, and I could even see you while you were making those calls.

Do you think singing: “There was a time in my life when I open my eyes and there you are” at 4:00 in the morning was cute? No, it was not!

Louie cannot appreciate (who can?) that you kept scandalizing us whenever you saw us together. Hindi ka nakakatuwa, even when you waited for hours outside our gate because I refused to talk to you.

Probably the only thing you did right was when you invited me to dinner on Valentines Day and gave me… ah-hum…roses and sang a song for me.  But you made so much drama out of it that it eclipsed whatever good intention you might had.

People found strange that you had to interrupt the performer in the middle of her repertoire to ask for the microphone so you can blurt out “Remember me” by Renz Verano, and Jesus! You could not even sing!

When you stood up to offer me the flowers in exchange for a peak on the cheek you got applause from everybody, and that seemed to encourage you to act up further. Every time I reached for your gift, you re-tract your hand and hid it behind your back just to repeat your infantile performance over and over again.

I wanted to walk out; leave you there on your own; but one of us had to be an adult and it will never be you.

It didn’t end well between us, isn’t it? I should not have taken you to court for harassment, but you left me no choice! The concept of “no is no” was not only unheard of but totally not acceptable for you. I know that you are used to getting what you want all the time, but I am not like everybody else; I can only tolerate that much. Enough is enough.

When you started calling my name in the videoke almost every night and you didn’t return a piece of my personal clothing you took without me knowing… then I knew it was time for me to do the right thing; teach you a lesson.

Your mom will never forgive me, I know that. Her ego could not take that someone would dare to defy her and shame your elite influential family. Well, I guess you all didn’t know me. Nobody but nobody can intimidate yours truly. At least, your brother understood, and why not? He knows you after all.

I heard you didn’t make it to UAAP, you become an engineer instead.

And I am right about your daddy am I not?

Another blow on the carefully staged image of your mother.

If only she had believed me then.

Anyway, all water under the bridge now. But they say you still the same, still treating women like your MVP trophies. I can believe it.

The last time I saw you, you greeted me as if it was only yesterday. You even tried to stop me from walking away from you by grabbing my wrist.

You’re lucky I didn’t smack you right on the face. It will probably wipe off that perpetual smug look on it. Kudos though, you can read expression now. No need for me to say something. One look from me and you let go of my arm. I can’t forget the disbelief that was written on your face while I was walking away. You read it right, I DON’T DO THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE.


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24 thoughts on “Throwback”

      1. Why some people have to disrupt a perfectly good working relationship by expecting something more? Why they can’t just enjoy the moments while it last? Don’t ask for definition or formalization of a situation, just take it and enjoy the ride.

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      2. Some people just don’t think. They never take that moment and put themselves outside the situation and say to themselves..I need to stop this shit now before I do something inappropriate. If they did that, then they could enjoy the ride as you say 😦

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      3. It happens often with friends. Especially boy-girl friendship. Sooner or later, something will happen to ruin the relationship or someone will get ideas in their heads. I’m talking from experiences. But we cannot expect others to behave and think like we do, can we?

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      4. Yes I have had those kind of experiences but relatively early on, and I’d like to think I learned so that I was able to maintain the friendship without it getting ‘weird.’ We can’t expect others to behave exactly the way we do but I think whether it is as a friendship, or a relationship situation, we can certainly expect them to understand the WAY we think so that it doesn’t deteriorate.

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      5. Where were you in my best friend looking days ? Right, you’re on the other side of Atlantic. Just kidding.
        Those experiences came later for me because: I was a late bloomer/I was married before I turned eighteen/ it took me 13 years to see that my marriage was a lost cause and another 7 to actually walk away/ I only started to look decent in my 30s (I was 32 yrs old in these pictures, the boys were ranging from 16 to 21) and I was stupid and naive, what else.

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      6. Where were you when I wasted years of my life by not really ‘living’ and just going through the motions. I wished now someone had shook me and said, go have fun, live your life before you waste them. Oh yeah…you were also on the other side of the Atlantic 🙂 It is interesting that though we both had vastly different experiences that we feel like we have this sort of connection via blogging. Almost everything came to me later. I don’t mean that I was naive about everything but there are other situations where I was. But there is now, and you are a friend, however f***ed up our lives were and now we go forward.

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      7. Life is full of surprises in every corner turn and twist. Not all of them good but like you said, we are still here. Let’s make the most of our remaining years. No more wasting time.

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      8. Ha, ha ha!!! I ought to make it more longer for easy reading 🙂 Seriously, I think the key is no matter what you do, make it that it is really how you want to spend your time and enjoying the process. Life is too short to waste on somethings we totally dislike. I did it in the past; living and working for other people and keeping social contacts out of duty but these little things are what kill us inside, hinder our creativity and make us forget who we are that after a time we become strangers even to ourselves. Most people don’t realize that. They become wife/husband/daughter/father/mother/employee/friend of someone but somehow they lost themselves along the way and they gonna find it out later when there is not so much time left.
        I’m glad I did all those things I did in the past. They are not always good or right but I can say that I lived. The only thing I didn’t do is seduce a priest 🙂

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      9. Amen! As I think I have mentioned to you before I’m trying to move on from my job but it is tough for a lot of reasons. I’d much rather work on the creative side like I have been doing with my photography and writing, but it is tough. I think what you say about being lost even when you think you ‘have it all’ is very true and it is important to remember. It is good to be open and honest about these sorts of things, and I’m glad you lived. I’m going to leave priest seduction silent though 🙂 :-O !


      10. Finding the right balance Robert. Easier said than done of course. But at least we’re trying. I know that we can’t just go out there and blurt the truth to anybody but there is no use pretending either. As long as we can admit to ourselves what’s missing and talk about it freely with the right people I guess we will be alright. Keeping all those feelings and emotions bottled up is never a good thing. It will only ruin our health.

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      11. Very true. It’s all about the balance. I don’t know about you, but the blogging has been cathartic and has helped me from keeping things bottled up anymore. I may not even write about something, but since I started, I find it easier to relate the things bothering me with people. Much better way of doing things. That and swearing like a sailor lol

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      12. Opening up is much easier online since most of the time whatever might happen in Vegas, I mean on the internet, rarely affect our real lives. That’s why blogging becomes the no: 1 form of ranting/venting for most people, especially for those who are blogging anonymously. For myself, I don’t have to worry because I have no image to keep. I don’t go along very well with most people because I don’t take BS and practically do what I want regardless of what other might think. So, there is no really a danger of offending someone 🙂

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  1. Yes I think you are right. For me it is also because I say what I mean much better by writing. If we were having this conversation live I would not articulate nearly half of what I wanted too. I have gotten better with that, but writing gives me the focus, so I can put myself out there in the way I want it to be. I wouldn’t give you any BS because I sense that you don’t take it! That much I have figured out about you 🙂


    1. I am a good conversationalist even in real life. I can dominate a table without trying and talks tend to be more personal when I’m around. Things that people didn’t know about their spouses/best friends/families miraculously come out in the open. Funny because I don’t talk much. Just showing real interest and asking the right questions 😉 Captaining debate teams in school and doing impromptu versified debate had helped. And oh, being married to my ex as well 🙂

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      1. It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for 😉 But seriously I can understand that. So many people blah blah blah through life and don’t observe things. Or asking the right questions like you say. Debate teams would have scared me to death back in school!

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      2. Nope, never did. Beyond shy when I was younger, went to an all boys high school which was a mistake on my part, and got easily embarrassed in front of a large crowd. I tend to blush and when people point it out it gets worse 😦

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