Oh! I could hardly believe this journey is nearing its end

What would we do after we bid our goodbyes?

Would we see each other again someday, somehow?

I can’t bare it! I can’t! The thoughts of not seeing you again…


The thoughts of not seeing you again fill me with deep sorrow

What in God’s name I will look forward to in the next coming days

Will I be thinking of you when I retired to my bedchamber?

Or resign to the facts that you’re gone, it’s over tomorrow…


It’s over tomorrow but I will hold onto the wonderful memories

Nobody! No one! Can take that precious time away from me

I will keep it in my heart every sweet word that you have said…


So, farewell, adieu, I’m bidding all of you goodbye

Take care, I wish you nothing but the very best in life,

I will not shed a tear, no, even though I could hardly believe…


43 thoughts on “Goodbye”

      1. Truly, it was a pleasure. The same with Thursday’s Thoughts. Written from heart.


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