The Girl From The Land Of Endless Summer

                       don't                don't           
                       like               I          
     Some               to            Christmas
        people        dress          white
            love        up        of
               fal      in     idea
                  ling layers
                     snow the
Some people enjoy skiing or other winter sports I don't                 to  see
                  far shiver magical
               travel  like    kingdoms
         people        some         of
     Some              other           Ice I
                       people              don't 

Here is the poem in its original state

Some people love falling snow, or the idea of white Christmas, I don’t.

Some people enjoy skiing or other winter sports, I don’t.

Some people travel far to see magical kingdoms of ice, I don’t.

I don’t like to dress up in layers and to shiver like some people…


41 thoughts on “The Girl From The Land Of Endless Summer”

    1. Thank you. I guess nobody like to feel cold. I like the idea, seems romantic, and the landscapes are breathtaking, but it is not for me. Unfortunately I live here in the west.


      1. I’m blessed that I live in Queensland – sunny one day and warmer the next! Have lived in the Himalayas and have no idea why anyone would chose to live in such extreme cold …


  1. Love your poem, as someone living in the South I can attest to what you’re saying, even in December it can be 90 degrees! Great job ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yeah, it seems the same for a lot of women? Living until recently in interior of British Columbia. Would see temps drop around mid winter. Or sometimes late autumn. Anywhere from -20c to sometimes -30c or sometimes lower. Even in the south. Prairies and mid west a frequent event. … Morocco looking pretty good now? I hated the Riviera. The people mostly seemed colder … than those temps. Inland, they seemed nice enough? … Things change? Salute Jamie


  2. Nice snowflake, I’m not very fond of winter, but I live in a place where we have winter for six months, I have no choice but to dress up in layers. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I have been nominated for several awards during my one year, two months of blogging. Five times since this course has begun, but I have yet to accept one. Though I am very grateful and honored with the gesture, I don’t believe in it and I find the procedure tedious. I appreciate the attention though and the people behind it. I hope you understand.

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  3. The shape form and the traditional form are both thoughtful and directed. Some people like snow, you don’t. I think that’s reasonable, especially when what there is to like about snow is truly relevant. The detail of your work shows this. Some folks like the layers; they really do. You don’t. You don’t have to. Thanks!


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