Only On Tuesday

He always say he loves me everyday

Everyday he shows he does really love me

I don’t display affection because I’m not showy

So, in jest  I told I love him on Tuesday…

It becomes a secret code between us

When he wants something he says:

What day is it? Isn’t it yet Tuesday ?

I will laugh and answer:  no, you’re out of luck…

I wanted to tell him but tell him I cannot

I have chink in my armor  I’m scared of feelings

My emotions I hide, find them unappealing

Weaknesses is for the weak, and weak I am not…

So, we continue our dance to forever

I am in denial, he is sure of himself

But sometimes, it’s tempting to confess

That when it comes to him, for me__

It is always Tuesday….


39 thoughts on “Only On Tuesday”

    1. Tricky_ Chiasmus plus ABBA CDDC CDDC ABBA rhyming scheme. Phew! It took me three long hours! Normally I only dedicate an hour to writing poem and the outcome is sweet and loving; Like someone said in the common, I better take a razor to warm bath. Ha, ha!

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  1. Funny!

    Yet weaknesses, can be a strength. What makes someone strong can be knowing what the weakness is.

    Like any good chess game. There is always the weak position. Knowing and recognizing it. Means it can be used it different ways.

    Still, on Tuesdays .. ..

    Universal love. Cheers Jamie.


    1. Yeah. That’s why I don’t go to psychiatrists no matter how mess up my mind can be. They cannot tell me something I don’t know yet. I don’t believe in paying someone to listen to me, I know myself better than anyone.

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      1. Strangely, the few psychiatric workers of acquaintance. Have been with their own peccadillos. A question of”physician heal thyself”?


  2. Beautiful! My son and I had a code word when we were getting cranky with each other (usually on the day he came to me from his dad’s and the rules were reestablished). One or both would announce it was “transition day” and we’d grin, stop fighting and return to our natural groove of loving each other. Code words are great for chinks in the armor!


  3. I loved it!!
    I cannot express my feelings easily either.But the way you chose to express them,its tuesday.Through a beautiful poem…Loved it:)
    You have a new follower:)


  4. Because its Tuesday, but they knew not that Tuesdays run repeatedly for me. Beautiful thing you and yours share.


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