Think about your day. Select one of your daily rituals and explain it to us: why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this ritual? What happens on days when you can’t perform it?

I don’t know if I can call it a ritual or superstitious belief but I have something with odd numbers; they are special to me. When my actual fascination (or obsession ) with them had exactly begun, I can’t remember anymore. All I know is I got to incorporate them with anything/everything I do. 

For example: the number of tags I attach with every post I make here in my blog are all odd digits. If I happen to forget or make a mistake counting the words, I will not rest until I set them straight. That’s how bad it is. Doing exercise, buying vegetables,   decorating a place (I know that in design there is a rule concerning odd numbers when grouping or making a vignette to achieve a more pleasing to the eye, visually stronger cohesive look for maximum impact) planting in the garden, flower arranging, chewing my food; name it I will find a way to include the use of odd numbers in practically every task I perform. I know it is crazy and obsessive but I can’t help it. It is stronger than me.

Please don’t try to apply RCA (root cause analysis) method on this habit of mine because I already ruled out possible psychological issue regarding this matter. There is simply none. If there is an underlying factor, believe you me, I already found it by now. It’s just like the way it is. Okay, I’m a bit of an OCD and perfectionist but I don’t see any connection between these things. I just love odd numbers, so simple is that… 


6 thoughts on “Rituals”

  1. Yes I get it … if I do something similar? I put it down to obsessive/ compulsive category. But that’s as far as it goes.

    I mean does it really matter? Does it matter whether the sock goes on the same foot. Or i use three sheets of toilet roll to wrap the handle of my electric toothbrush?

    Go ahead embrace the odd numbers. For the world is not changed because of the obsession. Just makes it you and the world loves you for it …


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