I was wandering around on a Sunday afternoon looking for something to occupy my ever restless mind when I stumbled upon this old mine site. It is not in use anymore. Not for decades. The powers that be designated the place a cultural heritage. It housed a cinema, theater, several trendy restaurants, the office of tourism, art galleries and homes for some lucky people who have enough cash to pay for the much sought after location.

But what caught my immediate attention were the old buildings. They are sights to behold. The workmanship, intricacy of design, the sheer volume are truly mesmerizing. Though they belong to the past, there is something about them that breathes modern, current and belongs. They are living monuments testifying to the hard but rich life of their ancestors. Pity that the weather was not cooperative and it was fast becoming dark and I didn’t have a proper camera with me, just my old pocket one. But still, I managed to take some decent enough shots of few buildings. I will be going back there soon to take proper photos.


13 thoughts on “C-Mine”

  1. Like yourself, i’ve always found beauty of an artistic sort in industrial sites. both new and old. i do not care to be living next to them but they have sort of appealing artistic view with steel and concrete. I like to paint them, too … in watercolour. Not graffiti.
    Cheers, Jamie


    1. My dream is to own a loft in an old factory building. Sea of space of concrete and steel with few carefully chosen artifacts and old wood one of a kind furniture for added warmth. And large art leaning on walls. Graffiti included 🙂

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      1. May your dream be realized.!

        That sort of space would take a lot of energy to upkeep? Fifty years ago, there were a lot of empty office towers around London … i used to fantasize about having of of them. Not too big just 32 levels. would have been perfect for living with friends on each level. Oh well, didn’t really think it through but, no matter. Cheers, Jamie.


      2. Dreams sustain us …. Better though, is universal love and the realization that all is an illusion. Easy to say, harder to do. We are all just energy, with manifest bodies. Cheers J.


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