The view

I may have a Gothic view of life, but I’ve never been a pessimist. It took me this long to realize it but you know what they say… better late than never. Today, I marked the beginning of a new year for me; the year I discovered other sides of my personality, the hidden truth within the real self. Life is a never-ending learning process indeed.

All my life, I have believed that I was a pessimist. Sitting here in the front of the computer  I suddenly realized that is not true, exactly the opposite in fact. I found out that over and over again in the course of my existence when everything seemed hopeless; times when I encountered walls and there seemed to be no way out, dead-end wherever I turned; those were the moments when I painted doors and windows to look out. And beyond that, I created meadows, fields, hills, beaches forest oceans, mountains, and rainbows. I did it to have something to look at, to hope for.

When everything seemed lost, I made escape routes; paths to tomorrow, because I could not accept defeat, I cannot just stop and accept. There has to be a way out somehow, always… and I will find it no matter what.


13 thoughts on “The view”

    1. i have no choice. if one is not ready yet to throw in the towel i guess the only way to go is forward. i learned from an early age that i cannot rely on nobody but myself. i wish it could be otherwise but i’ve been left to paddle my own boat too many times i gotten used to doing it.
      have a nice weekend!

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      1. that is what i’m telling to myself every time i wish certain things could be undone. then i remind myself that what i am today is because of my past experiences and there are some good things that come out because of what had happened before. and those things i can never exchange for anything; like my children for example…

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  1. I’m happy to read this. I haven’t known you long, and only in the blogging world, but I’ve always seen you as an inspiration. I believe in you!


  2. I am unsure who wrote this, My Own Private Idaho or impossiblebong. Are you one and the same? Whatever the truth of who wrote it, it is wonderful and life-affirming and beautifully written as well. It is absolutely true that we paint or write our own views outside the window and in doing so, that view becomes true and of influence in the worlds of others as well as ourselves. Hand of applause to you for the scenes you paint with words.


    1. My user name is impossiblebebong. My blog title is My Own Private Idaho. My nickname in Real life is Bebong. My nearest and dearest call me that. I hope that satisfy your curiosity. And thanks for the compliments.

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      1. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but never noticed that! Just another thing I’ve been overlooking lately. Wish I could find an answer to where my glasses hide that easily! Thanks for solving the mystery.


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