Fountain of Youth

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Are you kidding? I’ll swim in it! 

Just joking. The truth is (and my pictures can testify to my claim and no they are not photoshopped because anyone half blind and have good sense can spot the difference right away and you can only go so far with that thing. Besides, I don’t believe in altering pictures. It isn’t natural anymore) I look far more younger than my real age. I’m two years short of fifty and from the outside I look barely thirty. My height, race and good genes (?) take care of that. Eric The Phantom once said: “Time ravages beauty and preserves plainness.”  Maybe that’s why…

Or maybe because I don’t abuse my body. I don’t drink alcohol and never smoke. But then again, maybe it has nothing to do with anything because as you probably know (if you are following my blog at least) I have major problems with my health. Perhaps I just got lucky and though I am thankful for that, appearance is not that important to me which area character is. But the idea of being forever young is very tempting. That’s why cosmetic surgery and beauty products are very huge business. Everyone wants to look young, so simple is that.


5 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth”

  1. I am almost thirty, but when people first meet me they think I’m 14/15 :/ Many think my children are my younger siblings lol


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