Monday Thoughts

I agreed to meet a biologist once (didn’t go further than the first date) who thought he looked like Nicholas Cage. Maybe it’s me but I didn’t see any slightest resemblance, the only thing I’ve noticed was his height. He’s soooo tall I come only up to his waist (which some people might consider the ideal height combination) He got a house (he said) and a fancy car, which I find ugly ‒ the car I mean- the house I didn’t have a chance to see which is good. Imagine…

We went to the zoo (that’s a degree better than I had with D. on our first date. He bought some bread from a random deli along the way and we ate them sitting on a dirty patch of grass in some park which that time was under renovation, looking at an empty lake with unhappy ducks in it. So, I told D. I would love to cut his hands and put them in formaldehyde together with his eyes because they are his two best features so better preserve them in case) oh my, I got side-tracked again. Where was I?

Oh, in the zoo with the biologist, and he was reciting the entire living organism in those big aquariums naming them in their scientific names. We watched a show with dolphins afterwards. He placed his hand on my thigh the moment we sit down. It reminds me of another time when someone let me drive his fancy sport car so he (assumed) can paw me while I’m driving. I told this guy to put his hand higher (better than letting go of the wheel and beating him up) I never see him again. I think (some) guys want to be in control. But that’s another story for another time.

The biologist smoked like a chimney but at least had a decency not to do it in front of me. We had to stop walking ever so often to have his drag-break. And every time he would walk few meters away from me and have his fill. Very romantic. He said he can stop anytime he wants. I heard it all before.  I wonder if he knows the difference (taste-wise) between smoker’s kiss and non-smoker’s kiss.

Half way the date, I knew already with a violent certainty that I would never see him again. And when he said he thought that I was open for seduction while we were eating ice cream, that definitely put a punctuation mark to my thought of him being one of those I rather not see no matter how lonely alone could be…