Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.

Aside from surprisingly (despite everything that had happened) turned out to be well-balanced, matured, successful in their chosen careers children of mine; I would love to leave my written works to the world. May the whole documented experience: the battles, lessons learned, triumphs and tragedies I have encountered serve as a guide to some to overcome their hurdles and avoid making the mistakes I’ve made. I hope it will give them hope and strength to face their trials and overcome everything life might decide to throw on their way.


18 thoughts on “Legacy”

  1. None, zero, ziltch, nada … this planet is but one of a myriad of other planets in this universe alone. To leave it without impression is a far harder thing to do. Than to leave a footprint or other memory. My loved ones live on in my memory. Hopefully I will leave some of those with my grandchildren, too.

    All too often,some scribble can be seen painted on rocks here in western Canada. The paint slowly fades. All it really does is cover up the wonderful rocks that are more enduring than those painted slogans.

    Often people leave an impression inadvertently like this: http://www.livescience.com/48736-stone-age-human-footprints.html
    I wonder how those people from that time would feel about it today?

    The spark of life cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form into another. Water can be solid, ice. Liquid or gas, vapour. We are roughly 96% comprised of this wonderful stuff. We come and go according to our karma, from world to world. To live the next life learning the lessons we need. For ultimate rebirth, into creatures of light.

    Om mani padmi aum … Cheers Jamie


    1. When I die, I hope not to end up some place else let it be a heaven or a hell. I don’t want to be born again no matter how glorious and wonderful might next life would be. One lifetime is enough for me.


      1. Do you remember your last life? The next time will be similar. Unless one reaches nirvana, the memory of previous lives recede.

        Some claim to remember them? Whatever? Most of us do not.

        There is little option, for that is how the universe works. It takes many lifetimes to achieve cognizant life form. God cannot realize itself. God is love, love is God.

        Heaven and hell are states of mind. Cheers Jamie.


      2. I believe hell is here on earth. If I look around I see enough. And it is more than just a state of mind. Often, the worst things happen to innocent unsuspecting people.

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      3. All part of hell and if you look around some more. You will find that which is heavenly. Plenty examples of both. Both happening to us and around. Choosing the middle path, helps retain a balance. Do not believe me? Cheers J.


  2. This is beautiful and something we all can do without doing anything at all. Leaving a mark for the rest of the world to notice.


      1. That is what I consider to be beautiful. You my friend are simply beautiful 🙂


      2. Say nothing, and let this moment breathe 🙂 we are all allowed moments of happiness, I hope this is what your feeling.


      3. Surprised then 🙂 sometimes you learn about beautiful people without them even sharing a word about themselves personally


  3. […] out how to connect the world to a vast array of experiences.  Ive read in a great post by blogger MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, whom I believe is more interested in showing a historic path that will not be repeated, a […]


  4. Knowing or unknowingly we choose. We choose by our actions. The universe we see and those dimensions we cannot see. The math already proves the existence of eleven dimensions. Mostly these other dimensions are coiled tightly into the fabric of the cosmos. If we look at the universe, we see. There are billions of stars, some with planets and some without. Mostly, all stars have planets. It is entirely possible that this life is a dream, or illusion? That we are living a dream, from elsewhere?

    Scientists already see how planets are created. The dust and debris collects around a star comes together and forms a round ball, a planet. Most planets contain water.Mathematically it’s all possible. Logic dictates that some of it is true, even if you reject the possibility in your mind.


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