S/he said

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

We just came from walking in the country side (which was a mistake because at thirty degrees celsius, it is still too hot to do some hiking. No wonder I have dizzy spells from too much sun and too much effort) and instead of lying down or disinfecting my scratches from nettles, hawthorn and other hedges, or opening all the windows and doors to have some fresh air (the house feels like an oven) I took my big camera from where I am hiding it – inside the closet between the stash of multi-colored bath towels which is normally reserve for guests but it was seven years since I bought them and they never seen guests since then –  and started taking shots after shots of my Asian lilies and other flowers like Rudbeckia (coneflower, sun flowers, black-eyed susan etc) because I forgot to take pictures of them last night. Yes, night. Colors are more pronounced during twilight, no? and you know when it’s twilight in the summer? Yes, in the night.

Then, I decided I will check today’s Daily Prompt while drinking ice-cold lemon (sparkling) water and after reading it, I looked around and asked the person next to me what he was thinking about  and  he said:  “I think I’m going to clean the windows.”

“That’s it???”  I asked in disbelief. He answered: “Not really. I also thinking I will never understand you. You’re a puzzle to me. But I don’t want to voice that one out.”

And I thought: clever. I continue typing and he proceeded with cleaning the windows… 


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