Phase Out

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

Jukebox! And vinyl of course, it goes without saying. I remember spending all of my lunch money on playing all my favorite songs. That was way back in the ’80s. Those were the days. When all the good music died. 


22 thoughts on “Phase Out”

  1. Oh but vinyl has been making a big comeback in the last few years. Bands are actually releasing new albums on vinyl albums. As to the 80’s being when the good music died we will have to agree to disagree on that one 😉


    1. How about jukebox? I wish they put it again in every restaurants in town instead of karaoke machines 🙂 I didn’t know that vinyl made a comeback but then again all the good singers are gone 🙂 After 80’s there never been good music anymore. Once in a while there is an exception but nothing that I can compare.


      1. I am with you on jukeboxes. Here in the U.S. some bars will have internet jukeboxes, but it isn’t the same thing really as having only what is available in that particular jukebox. Yes vinyl is extremely popular now. I have brand new vinyl records which I think is great. As to the music it depends on what you are looking for obviously, but music continues on for me.


      2. Is John Legend and Ed Sheeran classified as good? I like them. Or I like their songs because it resonates with me. But I guess my taste is so limited 🙂 I’ll go in a bar just to go ogle the jukebox. They look magical to me.


      3. I may be dating myself here, but I remember the jukeboxes that had records in them, not CD’s! Music is a personal thing, you like who you like. My tastes are more rock, folk, (the good) country, and world music especially…but that is just me. I know Sheeran and Legend’s music, and they don’t do it much for me, but it doesn’t matter. If it resonates with you, that is all that matters 🙂

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      4. The truth is I hate music. To me it’s noise. I only listen to those that brings back memories or connected to some places, people and events. If I listen, rock, folk and country are my favs. And ballad of course. I never seen a jukebox with CDs.


  2. I guess I’ve led a sheltered life? For I’ve never been in a place where there was Karaoke. I’ve been where it’s stated a particular night for the pleasure, but never been. Do I miss jukebox? Not really. For the selections were usually so bad. Do I listen to music … sure! My iTunes is full of it. These days CD’s all have copy protect enhancements. So, difficult to load into things like iPod. So, I play the CDs in my car or through a player.

    I still own a full 200w 1980’s stack. CD player, one disc; graphic equalizer, cassette deck twin players, radio and record disc player. I had a lot of LP’s that my ex was supposed to let me have, Instead her “rat” personality. Meant she could not actually part with them. So, let her have them. Possessions are a bane.

    So, what am I missing? Home milk delivery, from a horse and cart. Earthenware pots and scythes. To name a few.

    Cheers Jamie


    1. Your list of electronics devices made me think of my ex collection. He’s from the 60s. I used to throw them in the pond when we had fights (believe me I had good reasons) and he just went on purchasing them the next day. We still have home mil delivery by choice and earthenware pots and scythes still exists in my birth country.


      1. By horse and cart?

        I hope you would not throw my stuff out? We would not argue like that … For I would walk away. Beside it’s just stuff! Cheers Jamie.


      2. No, just far enough to allow you to simmer down … it’s just stuff and everyone needs to talk rationally about their problem. To hear and be heard. You have a real spark in you, girl. Cheers Jamie.


      3. I can be raging fire when provoke, and I never back out. I can’t stand lies. I can tolerate unfaithfulness as long as what is good for the gander is also okay for the goose 🙂 I won’t even ask why if someone wants to move on without me because that’s his right. He can even fall in love with someone else because it happened sometimes. But when I ask, for the truth, don’t lie.

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      4. Sounds about right? Don’t lie for then it’s compounded. Personally, I would be happy with right relationship that is dignified and loving. That would make me happy! One has to show love to get love. Not really expecting any of that in this life? Still always an optimist. Experience has taught me … Ya’ never know. Never say “never”. While it is easier by myself. I do miss sharing laughs and problems. Hey ho and hey nonny no …


      5. Respect and companionship is on the top of my list. Always been. I believe I rather settle for someone I can live with and build something for life than to have that all consuming passionate destructive kind of something. Too much love will kill you in my experience. If not physically then emotionally. I have never been in love so I don’t know from my side how it is.

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      6. Well, I guess “love means different things to different people?

        I would suggest that there may have been some love for the father of your children/husband. For otherwise why would you fight like that? Just a wild guess, anyway.

        Still in my book; love is not about owning or possessing. Love is an abiding respect for another person. I may have been married twice but I do still talk with the other person from time to time. Surprisingly, despite the knives sticking out of my back from my son’s mother. I still care for her … yet don’t tell her that!

        Carrying a child to term, is a blessing as well as a curse for women. Too many men have little regard, for their moments of pleasure.

        Learning to love others is not easy. You care for them. You are concerned when they are sick or tired. You rub their feet and bring them drink and food, etc.

        Forget passion. Liking and loving, really starts with yourself and I do not mean vanity. In love, forget about being self-centred. Where everything starts and ends with your own ego.

        But hey, stay in your ivory tower. I hear the view is very good?

        Cheers Jamie.


      7. We fought for different reasons. It’s not about the view from the tower, it’s about safety. With everything happened in my life my heart is never been broken and I want to keep it that way.

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      8. Heh heh, whatever you say sweetie. BTW Love does not need to be about any breaking.

        I could say more? We’ll leave it at that, Ms. Peaches. Have a good night! Cheers Jamie.


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