We seem to be experiencing deadliest heat wave these last few days and there is no improvement in sight according to the weather forecast. Today the temperature soars to staggering 37 degrees in the shadow and still is at this moment (19:30 hours) my (established) plants look dead even after soaking them pretty good this morning and yesterday evening. I can’t even begin to describe how I feel… Hopefully it ends soon.


19 thoughts on “Alert!”

  1. Southern B.C. in Canada frequently reaches such summertime temperatures. It has been so for the last ten days.

    Luckily having just this month, moved to the B.C. coast. Temperature is not quite as high in the daytime and the breeze off of the ocean cools it down.

    In the interior I did not mind the daytimes, as much as the nighttimes Seldom dropping below 24-26c were the hardest to endure. Which is why air-conditioning is so popular. I shall be talking to my sister on Sunday. So, I expect to hear first hand how warm in London they find it?

    For the garden, a bale of straw all fluffed up, spread about as a mulch. Would help to keep moisture in the soil. Even torn up newspaper would help prevent moisture evaporation. Stay cool? Cheers Jamie.


    1. I have shredded bark as mulch everywhere. It’s just that here in our house in the suburb, we have sandy soil and it doesn’t hold moisture (even my lavender plants frequently die on me) as opposed to our country house which has loam soil which is ideal for plants.
      I can’t stand air conditioning because of my RA. I’m planning to move in warmer country as soon as everything is arranged.

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      1. If you’re going to move? Then it seems pointless for giving advice on building up the soil base? Even if it were needed?

        So all I can do is say ahh, nod my head and sympathize. So, imagine it done. Cheers Jamie.


      2. I tried already for two consecutive years by adding all the things garden centers and magazines advice me to improve the soil to no avail. I guess all I have to do is try harder.


      3. If your interior design is as good as your web page building? Then you’re likely crackerjack!

        Hopefully, I’ll never be a person who denies anyone a claim to pain. I have experienced my fair share, for sure!

        Interior design is a subjective affair. I find it hard to understand those who seem incapable of making their own decisions? If everyone were like that? You would probably be out of a job? I like messing around with colour. Patterns and views.

        It is important to have a living space that reflects our personality. I like feng shui, for it has so many possibilities. Yet also some general guidelines for harmony in living.

        Like the body, soil needs a lot of fibre. Bark mulch is good, yet it takes a long while to break down. Depending on the tree used it can also be acidic on the Ph scale. For myself, I would choose straw and grass clippings. Grass, is good and breaks down in a hurry. Straw is undependable, for it may not be chemical free. Of course a compost pile is indispensable. Properly layered and in a sunny spot one can have good soil to go in a season. There are also some compost additives on the market. Which accelerate the process. It’s all about the worms.

        I said I wouldn’t but I did … sorry! Cheers Jamie.


      4. As a designer I have my own personal ethics. For example I will never butcher a historical place to cater to non-existence tastes of some. If they want a modern house buy one not purchase another type of building and try to turn it into another. I not only design, I renovate as well (I’m pretty handy with tools) and do some landscaping if ask, so I am aware of what you are telling me about soil. But it is always nice to hear another point of view and opinion. I learned a lot of things by listening and observing.


      5. I had an idea, I was likely preaching to the choir? Which is why I kept it simple. … not that it’s difficult.

        Before coming to Canada, I was a machinist. In London parks, I was a gardener.

        In Canada, I have done that for a brief while. Worked on railroad, mainly as a locomotive engineer. Owned land acreage as a hobby farm and run my own businesses. As well, I worked for Wal-Mart as a Department Manager.

        I paint in water colours and house paint.I know how to weave and do some design work. My son runs his own construction business. … we/re a couple of doozies, eh?
        Cheers Jamie


      1. As for the RA. I can only imagine how that affects one. My friend, Susan, has that. It was difficult to tell, for she seldom complained. I get a little arthritic pain in the base of my thumbs and I’m like a bear with a sore head. Though I have a back problem, which really knocks me for a loop. Every once in a while.

        It’s why I did not comment on an earlier post. We are born to suffer …


      2. I used to be a nurse before I take up interior design. I acquired cervical hernia doing the job and it seemed my condition gone downhill from there. I was diagnosed with some kind of immune disease which akin to lupus few years ago and RA is just one of the symptoms. There are so much misunderstandings with this kind of illness. Seem people tend not to believe those who don’t show physical evidence of what is going inside that’s why we, sufferers keep it to ourselves.

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      3. yes I am goign away to the South of France for my summer hols, not been on a plane for years now but braving it, just hope it is not too hot there, somehow I am getting nervous that it will be x

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