No Guts, No Glory

I marvel sometimes with the self-confidence and (so-called) guts of some people.

Imagine this:

Your husband was working abroad, you got pregnant by another guy, instead of owning your mistakes you tried to hide them by pretending to be a victim of some witchcraft which making your belly swell out of proportion. When you can’t cover the obvious anymore you said you’ve been gang-raped with your sister as a mastermind. By the way, that sister lives abroad since time immemorial and never belong to any gang which area you are.

That sister answering the call of your mother (your ally and partner in crime) came home to help you (like always) but you spread ink-black rumors about her that when she showed up in your hiding place, the brainwashed voodoo master ran after her with a giant machete. How’s that? And another by the way: the voodoo master turned out to be the neighbor boy who was just a toddler when you were already a teenager.

When your five-year-old daughter tried to relate the truth to someone, you punished her by beating her up black and blue and shutting her mouth shut with the help of laundry nippers. You have a son too. But you shipped him off to your husband’s family after a fight which prompted you to put the baby (who was not even a year old) inside a travelling bag and zipped it close. Your reason? He’s not smart enough. Just like his father.

When your bastard innocent baby was born, you sold her to some couple you’ve never seen before right off from the hospital bed and forget all about her. Time to correct all the mistakes you’ve made.

You’ve done this by running off with the husband of your other sister and got pregnant again but nowhere to go. Where else but the house of your sister who is living abroad. She’s stupid and forgiving anyway. She will let you in. Before your new baby with your brother-in-law had her first birthday, you were eight months pregnant again. That second baby you deposited by the neighbors, a drug addict couple who can barely make the ends meet. What ideal parents for your baby girl whom you despise because how dare she to come in an untimely fashion. One problem sorted out.

Living in your sister’s house wasn’t enough. So grateful you are you sold the place without her knowing. And why not, the house was in the name of your mother anyway. Her money built it maybe but you got equal rights considering you are both spawns of the devil. Then you disappeared. You can never manage to face your own doings, let alone your sister.

Fast -forward. You are now in some place where nobody really knows you. You have five children and so many abortion in between. You see, you have the right to decide which offspring to keep and which not. You’re the mother after all. Yesterday you posted in FB something like this:

“I am satisfied with my looks (oh, I forgot to mention. The half-of your face collapsed from self-medication when you tried to abort your first out of wedlock baby) I am proud of my character, I’m happy with who I am, I will never change so others will like me, accept me reject me or judge me I’m still me. Because I’m born to be true not to be perfect.”

And I thought WTF! Are you for real? I have no problem with people wanting to be true, or happy or wanting to be accepted as they are because I want that too. Anyone can be proud of their characters when there is something to be proud of. But in your case…

I don’t know… Maybe it’s just me.


23 thoughts on “No Guts, No Glory”

  1. Not sure how to take this story … there are many preconceptions, involved. On many levels. Too many to be addressed here.

    If we take it as simply, a tale? Then we may shake our head and say, “there but for fortune”.

    Or if we look for some sort of moral outcome? There really does not seem to be any. Except for perhaps, the notion of truth over perception?

    Lastly, sex between people. Should be a wonderful experience. Not some sort of gratification, without recognition of the outcomes.

    People can have love and sexual gratification without actually touching, each other. It’s not easy but it is possible. If I had love and that was the only way? I would take love over sex, any day. Hopefully, in the real world. That relationship would find the expressions of love between each other. Enough, to touch each other, etc. At the very least?

    I happen to believe in a woman’s right to have control over her body. Yet that attitude. Does not bring the inherent right of irresponsibility, from anybody.

    So, it’s a story? Yet it does seem awfully sad. Considering how many lives were destroyed in the telling. For they all have consequences and karma carried with the actions. Fairytales, or not?


      1. Really? If so? Then it makes me very sad … does it change my opinion of you? Well, it does make a difference. Yet one also should tolerate others mistakes. If those recognize them as mistakes. If they feel atonement?

        Am I shocked? A little, for one with your talents; should not be carrying such baggage. Or wasting time, on self recrimination. What is done, is done. Nothing can undo it.

        What may be done? Is finding the true centre of your being and putting out universal love. Finding it inside, to improve and go forward. Being mediative would help. Only you can find your real self. Strangers like myself, can only look on and judge. Only you can really know.

        If I had such baggage? I would find it difficult to air it, thusly. These are very intimate things … It might explain why there is pain, for you.

        You, are still … a peach!


      2. We cannot choose the family we are going to be born into. The worst betrayal like I said is by our own flesh and blood. You cannot get over it. That sort of wounds will never heal and will continue to bleed. I am praying for her soul. I hope someday she will find herself and peace of mind. When I look at her pictures, I see troubled soul who lost her way to the light. But I cant forgive nor forget. Not anymore.
        By the way, this portion of your comment I can’t understand: does it change my opinion of you? Well, it does make a difference. Here is another one:
        Only you can find your real self. Strangers like myself, can only look on and judge. Only you can really know.


      3. Only the one I’ve mentioned in my previous comment (which I just edited because my keyboard seems experiencing some technical problems. Letters are missing sometimes) I have the inkling that you misunderstood my blog.

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      4. Only the one I’ve mentioned in my previous comment (which I just edited because my keyboard seems experiencing some technical problems. Letters are missing sometimes) I have the inkling that you misunderstood my blog.

        Dear Ms. Bebong, Not sure? Maybe I did? Or not? We seem to be cross-talking? I’m going to do some work and get back onto it. later …. Cheers Jamie.


  2. Like I said, I feel sadness. For it’s not nice to have family screwing us over. Our family should be an asset, not a liability. I suppose there are many families who have squabbles and downright dishonesty? How do we deal with that?

    In the end we all have to deal with our problems as best as we may? That your sister perpetrated the mess. Is hers to deal with and hers alone. If that were my family? I do not know how I would deal with such things?

    I try not to take on any more problems than I already have. I may deal with them poorly. Yet, I try. I am at peace, with the world. With the supreme being and the universe.

    My karma is out there, I cannot escape it. All I can do is attempt to mitigate it. Only life knows how to deal with my karma, in this or the next life. It is out of my control. Just try to be good toward others, when I am showered with s**t. For any other reaction, just brings more of the same.

    You are a talented young lady and show it thusly with your art. Best wishes, Cheers Jamie.


    1. Found it!
      Now everything is clear, thank you 🙂
      About family… Seems I am blessed with downright evils siblings and mother. My tyrannic father died early so, God knows what tricks he will pull out of his sleeves if not. In fairness, he was a bit better person than the rest. I can understand now why he beat up the living hell out of my mother weekly. But I will not bore you with my fairy tales. Like you said, you don’t want to take more problems. Thanks for the interest and for reading my craps. Appreciate it much.

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  3. Thanks Ms. Bebong!

    You are an interesting person and blogger. What you write is not “crap”, to me. It is of an intimate and sensitive nature. Maybe we can be friends? I do not know? I am glad to have you as a blogging buddy.

    I do not work, except for myself. I’m officially retired, yet have some interests that require my attention.

    You are, still, … a peach!
    Cheers Jamie.


  4. Actually beauty never fades. Like Michelangelo’s David. Or Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, etc. All those wonderful photos too. So many things keep their beauty. Likewise, if we have a clear soul? This echoes out of our eyes and smile. We age, our face becomes wrinkled, hair greys and we sometimes lose hair and teeth. Yet still we can be beautiful, if we know how to look.

    I appreciate your modesty, it’s becoming.

    We’ve been communicating through, mainly, your blog for about 3-4 months. It seems to me? Correct me, if I’m in error?

    So, yes, we’ve become sort of friends. Thank you for making it clear. I hesitated, writing that. For I did not want to presume.

    In celebration of this friendship. I want you to know that you can have my email address, anytime you want it. I do not want to put any sort of onus on accepting. So, it’s not placed here. … Just saying, is all. Although it’s possible, it is on my blog? Still, one day you might wish to use it. So ask and it will be given.

    Cheers, from your blogging buddy and friend … sort of ;-] Jamie.


    1. It’s nice to know that there will be someone there if I wish to reach out. Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind. May you have a very wonderful and eventful time each and everyday. Stay the same.


  5. A shocking and sad story. I can’t imagine how it is to stand by and know this is going on especially things done to innocent children. I found it hard to read let alone exist with this as part of my family. I feel for you and all the innocent lives harshly treated. Families can be odd entities I’ve discovered emotions and reactions in mine I thought not possible when related. I also feel sorry for your sister that she is now she is. You’re brave for sharing thank you x

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