Collective Insanity

Today the daily prompt is more challenging than usual. They asked: 

Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

I decided to do it while editing pictures from my recent holiday. So, you know what to expect. Here it is…

“Sometimes I think he’s going to leave me.” I said to none of them in particular. I just thrown in a random thoughts of mine to test the reactions. Granted, perhaps not the most appetizing topic during holiday dinner in a hotel restaurant but I long ceased to care about what they think of me. Not that whatever I do will alter their prejudgment of me. I’m not good enough. There is nothing more to it.

After a while his uncle said: “Don’t be too sure about that. If that’s happen, then we are in trouble. The whole family is in trouble.”

Instead of asking why “they” will be in trouble I said: “Why you think he’s not going to leave me one of these days?”

“Because he fought so hard for you.” It was his mother who answered my question. She’s like that. Loves to interrupt people. Especially her son. He detests it but doesn’t know how to vocalize his thoughts without falling from the pedestal.

“You’re my life Sweetheart. I’ll stay with you forever.” He said reaching for my hand and looking deep into my eyes. I heard grumbled and sharp intake of breath from around the table. I smiled.

After a while, the activity at the table resumed. We eat in awkward silence. Mission accomplished. 


4 thoughts on “Collective Insanity”

  1. “It was his mother who answered my question. She’s like that. Loves to interrupt people.”

    I think this was my favorite part, sharply descriptive, and it bothered me in just the right way. It seems we all know someone like this!


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