Empty Nest

My nest has been empty for over ten years now. Before that I’ve been away from the nest most of the time. The chicks had grown big without me having to do with it. I used to feel guilty about that. Not anymore.

Now, sitting on the loo with the midday sun beating down on my back (I kind of like it. A luxury. My own infrared sauna right there in the toilet) I suddenly feel alone and lonely. Too much freedom and nothing to do. Nothing new I mean. Will I take up bungee jumping again? I can join one of those women’s (auxiliary) clubs and learn flower arranging while soaking up the latest gossips. But I can arrange flowers and I care nothing much about women. I have nothing in common with them (aside from the love for  shoes, and there is nothing much to go on from there) and men…

I still get looks from those who could be my grandchildren. Okay, I probably exaggerating but in any way younger than my children. Creepy. I should have been taller so, I look older not looking like an aging Pia Zadora or Sally Field. 

But I like men. I love hanging out with them. They are less complicated and more honest. They play open cards. No bitchiness and no jealousy. The only problem is: they don’t get much the idea of friendship between opposite sex. Sooner or later, they will try to elevate the relationship into something more complex. I don’t like that.

Back to empty nest again. 

I never thought there will come a time that I will long for company. Me who love solitude, quiet and peace. Me who is happy being alone and free. They say people tend to mellow when they age. That must be it. I’m mellowing. Sucks!


9 thoughts on “Empty Nest”

  1. Awww …. Mellowing? Suck it up buttercup! Being mellow, is where it’s at. ;-] Taller? Try being tall and sit in an airline seat? Small or tall, each has its own advantage or disadvantage. Cheers Jamie.


    1. Coming from holiday last week, I sat in a plane next to a Nordic God (He could be Thor) he’s so tall his knees were touching the back of the front seat. His forearms almost as long as my legs. If he was uncomfortable I didn’t notice. But then again it was just a three hours flight.

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  2. Talk about genetic diversity. I’m a little over 6ft. tall 1.87m. My sister is barely 5ft tall. It is said, “good things come in small packages”. In my sister’s case, that is true. Cheers Jamie.


      1. Swe-e-e-t …! I feel sure you are too, since you are willing share some intimate details in your posts. In another life … who knows?? Cheers Jamie.


      2. Are you really gonna’ share…?? Nothing wrong with mellow .. IMO.

        Granny used to say, “beauty is only skin deep” and “handsome is, as handsome does”. I liked Granny and her words struck deep. Cheers Jamie.


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