Jukebox Medley

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through songs.

Let’s say I’m a jukebox full of records people who come across me for the first time can play to have a taste of what I’m all about. I guess the songs that would be definitely in my playlist are:

  • My way by Frank Sinatra
  • I’ve never been to me by Charlene
  • I am a rock by Simon & Garfunkel
  • Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • I am what I am by Gloria Gaynor 

I guess that’s it for starter…


6 thoughts on “Jukebox Medley”

  1. Interesting … very independent of you.

    I have an eclectic taste that varies tremendously according to mood. Among my current faves, you would find 2 CD’s of Fairport Convention, One by Steve Earle … love that Transcendental Blues. https://youtu.be/JqEdBvWZspc and one by Boxcar a local band. All on the player, in my car.

    I love Melodeon music http://info.melodeon.net/index.php Most all of the traditional folk tunes and some contemporary found there. Found on UTube or Soundcloud. A lot of Jazz, both Beebop to Big Band. The whole range.

    Blaze Foley to Townes Van Zandt. Music from 1960’s that I’m fond of and on. Classical music by Vivaldi. I have all the music on CD composed by Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven. I like Mozart’s operas and some others. Kate Rusby is an English folk singer and has a most wonderful voice and band. Which occasionally includes John Kirkpatrick. Dance of the Demon Daffodils. https://youtu.be/tmZN6j-ywig

    Music, definitely soothes the savage heart …


    1. I must say you lost me there, in your broad interest in music. I must admit I never heard of most of them aside from the classical ones. Growing up in a country such ours, my taste is heavily influenced by rock ballad. Later on I discovered Willy Nelson,BoB Marley an Dylan along with others like Bjork and such. I have music that speaks to me personally (those are the ones in my post) music I like to hear and music that brings back memory. But in reality, I hate music and I don’t listen to them unless a situation calls for. To me they are noises. Sorry.


      1. I try to stay away from most mainstream music. It seems to be tailored for popular consumption.

        Mostly, I listen to sounds like birdcalls. Rain and wind. Yet when in my car for a trip, or doing housework. I might use internet radio or CD player? Cheers Jamie.


  2. Thanks! Since moving this month, I get to listen to sounds of the sea, too.

    As discordant as the ravens are, right now. Due to their chicks leaving nest. They have a certain melody and purpose. So-o-o nice!


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