Mirror, mirror…

Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there . Tell us the story of that photo.

This one is a random picture of myself meant to be for testing shots angles. Taken in my room two houses ago. I was dressed up in something I will normally not wear anywhere but acquired because I like the look. I had given them to charity this year along with stuff from thirty years ago. Things I don’t wear anymore but kept for whatever reasons. I wish the first picture I stumbled upon bears more interesting story than this but rules are rules and I don’t want to cheat. Another reason is: I don’t want to put close up pictures of me online. If you notice, all my images here share one thing in common: my face is partly hidden. I don’t have any particular reason to do that aside from psychological. I don’t like my looks much.


13 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror…”

  1. I disagree. You are fair and beautiful. I’m sure others will agree.

    Okay, we all age and beauty is in the eye of beholder. For me. Loving the world, starts with loving yourself. Not with, or in, vanity but in peace. Please find my challenge blog here http://hirundine.com/ Cheers Jamie.


      1. How wrong you are! Ugliest or ugly doesn’t apply. But you are far and away the fairest of the two. No contest. No comparison.
        It’s strange how we perceive our own image and I don’t think there’s a soul here that would think anything negative about your image at all.


  2. Nothing wrong with your look here, I like the shirt too good look, I may have to partake in this prompt, haven’t looked at photos in a while


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