Smell You Later

There are lots of smells that immediately transport me back to the past like scent of freshly baked pancakes my mother used to prepare and serve us every day at around three o’clock in the afternoon after we take a nap. No sleep, no pancakes. I remember burying my face in the pillow and rubbing my eyes red so I looked like I slept even though I was out foraging anything I could find or swimming in the sea.

But that is not what this blog is all about. Saturday morning, I will be leaving for a two week holiday somewhere far, where the sun is shining and the sea is blue and the food tasty and the people friendly. I will blog about it later. Here is a little something for the road. I’ll be back soon. For the meantime, keep writing.

The sun is setting,

The shadows are falling

And I must say farewell.

I want to stay and

Spend forever


We were here through happy times and sad

We listened to each other’s problems

Sadness, depression and all that

Shall I cry?

I think better not

It’s only temporary

We will always endure us

In our memory.

And so, as we part

I say, till we meet again…


6 thoughts on “Smell You Later”

  1. well I hope that you have a great time away. Sometimes it does us all well to have this time away and with ourselves. I am trying to learn this journey and myself. Until you return my friend we will be waiting 🙂


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