The never ending complicatedness of simplicity.

My eyes are heavy, can’t hardly stay awake. My dream world beckons to me telling me to give in to the desire. That pure feeling of absolutely nothing… ahh, pure divinity! Darkness takes me, and I find myself wandering in circles. The clouds part, the sun sinks and the stars unveil themselves…My ‘night’ has fallen.

And though I can feel your presence grow ever stronger, ever nearer…I can never reach you, for I am too lost in my dreams. Nothing else matters, not you, not me, not my sanity. Just let me be free, innocent, and careless. I desire simple things; however, to some this may be hard to understand, the never ending complicatedness of simplicity.

~ Stardust 1035


4 thoughts on “The never ending complicatedness of simplicity.”

  1. I find that one of the most uncomplicated things is just sitting and focussing on the breath going in and out. Forcing the mind into the concentration of that act of life. Cheers Jamie.


    1. They say you cannot be nervous or stress if you breath slowly. I find it isn’t true. The more I concentrate of not being hurried or stress, the more I get stressed. Like yoga or meditation, sound therapy or listening to background healing music. I calm down a bit if I walk.

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