A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you… 

A lot. I’ve got so many layers and facets I am only beginning to discover them myself. For example: yesterday I found out that I like watching the plants grow while listening to Bob Dylan Tangled Up In Blue (according to The Telegraph: The most dazzling lyric ever written, an abstract narrative of relationships told in an amorphous blend of first and third person, rolling past, present and future together, spilling out in tripping cadences and audacious internal rhymes, ripe with sharply turned images and observations and filled with a painfully desperate longing) my ex will turn in his grave. Oh, wait he’s not dead. Yet. Wishful thinking. No, I don’t wish him dead. I’ll envy him if_. Where are we? Oh, things most people don’t know about me… to sum it up: almost everything.


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