Baggage Check

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

I am wary of people. I’m scared of them. Experience taught me that. It will always affect my future decisions concerning relationships of any kind. I learned the hard way. I was naive and trusting. Starry-eyed they say. Betrayal by your own blood is the hardest. You cannot get over that. It inflicts wounds that will never heal and will continue bleeding.  It took me more than four decades to say no more, no one can hurt me ever again… 


5 thoughts on “Baggage Check”

  1. I can appreciate the sentiment. Even if I do not completely agree with it. We are on this planet, to learn to love others. If they let you down? that’s their bad karma and your good. Be gentle, let not the actions of others harden your soul. Cheers Jamie.


      1. Obviously, I cannot know the struggle you have faced? That’s not my point. Their offences will be their karma, taken into another life. All we can do is show dignity and yes… not be used. Obviously.

        I never mentioned forgiveness. What they have done? May be unforgivable. … Probably?

        Do not let what others have done harden your soul. There are others out there, who can be better than that. Cheers Jamie


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