Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

I don’t have specific times but moments… moments when I thought: If only… But like the saying goes: Good times never last, and if I may add: few and far between. Like that one evening I was on a horse riding behind someone, my arms circled around his waist, the sun was sinking slowly below the horizon, there was a slight breeze (what a romantic cliché but true) and the chirping song of crickets all around us; it was so peaceful, so quiet and I thought: if only it can last.

Or the night I was caught in the storm and had to row a boat in the dark.  It was an awesome experience. Something I will never forget. Something one only experiences once in a lifetime. Or those two months vacation I had in some far away place where I had to walk four kilometres each day in the rain just to buy bread, accompanied by the sound of ever-present gurgling water of streams and falls and the smell of divine yet intoxicating coffee flowers and someone I seriously considered settling down with. Simply magical.

But just like someone has said to me a long time ago, it is a pity that those moments happen only once; we cannot have a repeat of those or recreate the same mood/atmosphere. It is like having a good time with people or someone we know we will never see again. Life’s little irony. (I don’t even know what irony is and the proper usage of it but I added it so there is a chance the readers might think I’m cool)

Anyhow, I had those moments, points in time when I was dancing with someone whole night but there was no music, only his voice softly singing the song (our song) in my ear. And that fateful night on the top of an abandoned roller coaster where I almost went overboard but reigned myself in on time. 

Little episodes I wish could last but life goes on…