Green-Eyed Monster

We have been ask to write an anonymous letter to someone we’re jealous of. Here’s mine.

Dear Youth,

Look at you, acting as if there is no tomorrow, as if you own the world. With your  perfect appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., you think you’re immortal and can handle it all. Well, I have some news for you; you’re not going to live forever.

But before you reach where I am now, you will lost first everything you value at this moment. You think it’s okay to be rude to old people? Wait till you are in that phase of life you will see… those toned abs and legs you are very proud of, the unlined face and perky breast and shining eyes… it will not stay with you indefinitely.

So, don’t be so smug if you see us trying to get up our seat moaning and grumbling, or trying to walk erect and dignified. Don’t laugh at us “has been”  for you will get there eventually and let’s see if you like being laugh at.

You think you know it all, that we are suffering from early onset of Alzheimer if we try to say something to make you understand. You have no patience, no respect, no compassion. We are your future. When you look at us you are looking at your destiny. Doesn’t matter how beautiful, rich and powerful you are at this moment; you will be like us, there is no escaping that. Bear that in mind next time we see each other again.


A shadow of your former self