The clothes make the man

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

If I have been asked this question last year I would have said no, they are not important to me; never been and never will be. Me who used to roam around in nightdresses and jogging suits, who only discovered lipstick at age 47 and never wear high heels and don’t own stilettos. Style is as foreign to me as makeup and perfume. Yes, I own quite a few of both but it is the bottles I’m up to rather than the contents. I buy make up for colors and package but never use them. I know it is strange.

Style was used to be according to my mood; whatever I feel like at the moment. It ranged from sportive to boho-chic to casual to gothic; sometimes bohemian/romantic/gypsy. Anything goes.  You see, when you’re young you can wear your mistake. Not anymore.

Lately, I wear what fits. What doesn’t make me look washed out and ridiculous. I emptied my wardrobe very recently and got rid of those clothes from some twenty years ago. It was harder than I thought, saying goodbye to much loved and trusted ensembles but sometimes we have to face the facts. If I buy something these days I ask myself first how long I can still wear it and how good. I opt for quality now rather than quantity. I still have too much like most women but compare to what I had before, it is not even the half.

How appearance impacts how I feel about myself?

Well, it depends from day to day. I must admit that there was a time I couldn’t care less how I look like, but years have gnawed at my already shaky self-confidence and not only added couple of pounds on my weight but planted and nurtured doubt in my brain till it becomes a fully grown permanent resident who never shut up and has a habit of constantly criticizing my appearance that I have no choice but to do my utmost best to look presentable so it gets off my back.

I still don’t wear perfume, makeup, and heels but I see to it that what I put on I feel confident going out there and do what I have to do to survive in every aspect of life.

Woman inside locker looking for shoes