What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more? 

Ironing. Definitely ironing. And washing the dishes and cleaning windows. I hate them all! I can move furniture all day and all night with pleasure, paint walls, banister, stairs, tear down walls and climb on the roof to replace tiles but not those boring repetitive tasks.

Cooking is another job I hate the most. Strange because I am an excellent cook. But the cutting and preparation, the smell that adheres to my clothes, skin, and hair… I rather dig in the garden for hours than slaving in the kitchen.  No, I am not and will never be domesticated. It’s like shaving my legs, I will not do it for me or for other people. Not even for the man of my dreams (if he exists) Either take me the way I am hairs and all or not at all.


16 thoughts on “Chores”

  1. Since my ex. and I split up and I’m living on my own. 13 years now. I rather enjoy doing all those chores. I always did the cooking anyway. Ironing is enjoyed. For I love the sensation of ironed sheets and shirts. We used to live on 10 acres and I would do the donkeys, the chickens, garden, etc. My ex. used to spend most of her time reading. Every so often she would have a blitz on vacuuming and dusting. We owned a dishwasher.

    Since being single and I own all the chores. I’m content to do them. Because no one else will. I send the car, to get serviced. Whereas once I would do it all myself. I suppose there will come a day, not so distant, where I’m too old. Yet for now …. it’s a gas, gas, gas! Cheers Jamie.


    1. My mother love ironing. She did them so well the clothes looked like they just came out the package. She enjoyed washing them too. She often look for clothes to iron and wash if there is none. She died early this year.

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      1. I don’t think I want some stranger in my house. I am suffering from RA, and though there are some chores I have difficulties doing, I never consider for one minute to hire someone to invade my privacy. I am aware of my limitations and the fact that someday I will probably have no choice but to ask for help but for now…

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  2. I hate cooking as well, it takes so long, and you eat it so quickly. I find it very discouraging, although I do have a very limited knowledge of recipes so it is quite dull at the best of times.


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