What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

My ideal community? A group that shares mutual respect and understanding. A relationship based on trust, love loyalty and unity. Individuals who share common belief that violence is not necessary to achieve something and power and money are not the main motivation for every action taken. A bunch of creative, artistic honest hard-working people who love simple life, respect nature and no specific religion. There will be no gambling, hard drinking, spouse swapping, stealing, cheating, drug abuse and unnecessary killing among them. Jealousy, envy, bitterness, resentment and discontentment are not encourage, or better still… non-existent. It will be a harmonious group living an idyllic life.


8 thoughts on “Idyllic”

    1. Anything but not free-love refuges for flower children, but well-ordered, financially solvent cooperatives where pragmatics, not psychedelics, rule the day. or something like that.


      1. I lived in a commune in 1973-4. It was not like you describe. Most of them, communes, were not. Unfortunately the media, was scared by the notion. So, publicized the poor ones. To discredit the movement.

        After a year and a half. I had, had enough. Sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag eventually gets old quickly. I liked the others and we had few squabbles. It was an ashram.

        Flower children get the bad press, also. If you truly believe in peace? Then you will also find, caring individuals.

        Peace brings problems for the war-mongers. War inflates prices of commodities. Bankers love it. Peace does not bring profits.

        Psychedelics? Many of us had had experiences like that. We had already left them behind. Even smoking and alcohol was not allowed. Which for 1973, was quite unusual.

        Again, the notion of free-love was about universal love, not sex. Something that was used to discredit seriously minded individuals by the media.

        Looking at it pragmatically, Jesus was the first communist. That is, if he really existed at all?

        Fo those in control. Things like this. Threaten the status quo. Which means the public cannot be manipulated so easily.

        I’m not saying people in communes were perfect. They were people, who were trying. However the media never published those that were successful. Nor will they ever. They like words, not deeds.

        Lastly, I enjoyed my experiences and still cherish what I learned.

        Things like LSD or Ecstasy, etc. Can never give one, the real experience. They provide a glimpse behind the curtain. They are also dangerous, for many cannot handle the experience.

        While I do not do drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. I do meditation and find it to be the most perfect of experience. For if it is the right meditation? One can be doing it while in the world of action. One should not have to shut themselves away in a room. To experience universal love and peace.

        Finally, my first remark was being flippant. This one was not. Cheers Jamie.


      2. I think every person has different view of the same experience. It is like being in a boarding school or school in general. For some it is the most wonderful time of their lives, for others, a nightmare. Same with perception. I agree about the media. If they are to be believe, the world will think that I came from a place inhabited by prostitutes and we all want to go abroad and care for nothing but money. Media often show the downside of things, which I understand. Sensational, provoking and controversy attracts attention. Thanks for the input.

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  1. Thanks for your understanding. Media is controlled today, more than yesterday. Yet it is all controlled. Has been since WW2 and before. Which is why many alternative sites on internet are popular. … Eventually that will change. This media control, extends to many aspects in life. The stereotypes are used to scare people. People scared, just perpetrate the myths. People scared, allows for many types of control. When I was younger, there was no security at airports. Now being scared allows for this examination of privacy, especially crossing borders. It has been instituted to subjugate the people. There have been occasions when it has been shown that government agencies were involved. Either directly or indirectly. Curious? Check out “Operation Gladio”, in search engine. Not curious? Then you’ll have to take my word. As you say, “media often shows the downside of things”. .. all too true. Cheers Jamie.


    1. Fear is the ultimate weapon. Instilling fear is the worst kind of manipulation to hold power over anyone. I think that is what it is all about, all those senseless violence. To make people paranoid.

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