I was there approximately thirty minutes before closing time with my paint splattered jogging suit and a borrowed 3 doors VW that have seen better times. The receptionist gave me a look that said it all which I could understand under the circumstances but couldn’t resist hating her anyway. She probably was thinking the same thing.

I ask specifically for a certain person and I could see that she was having a second thought if I was worth the effort. When she realized that I had no plan leaving the establishment she did what I bade her to do, very much against her will.

When the person I sought appeared at the reception, he either wore a poker face or really didn’t care about my for the moment unpleasing countenance. Blessed him.

He led me to his glass office overlooking the whole showroom. Because of his (un)natural manner towards me, I didn’t feel awkward walking next to his Hugo Boss-clad figure. Then he said:

“Which do you prefer?”  And I answered immediately: “It depends.”

He right away understood but search in his computer anyway. 

Before I drove to the place, I set my heart on the Elegance Line of C-class (C220 Cdi Estate latest model) in sanidine beige or cubanite silver metallic, with eucalyptus wood paneling etc. etc. full option including tow hook; but he said “I’m sorry but not in our stock- it would take 5 to 6 months to order- I understand you need it right away- let’s see what I can do for you- we only have avant-garde series in titanium silver or obsidian black metallic- wait a minute there is one still in tanzanite black- titanium you said? Ok, but smaller GPS only shows points and arrows while the one in black shows the whole map of Europe.”

What choice I’ve got? What followed was the usual tiring tour around the showroom and even boring spin around the block but___ I’m still not convinced.

You see, avant-garde series have logos the size of a dinner plate smack right on the front not to mention the grille and the rims! I prefer the traditional bonnet-mounted badge for a more conservative look. They can forget the leather seats covering too for the smell of leather makes me puke!

After so much and very long discussion, he and I were both anxious to be on our way so he decided to offer me a change of grille, badge, and rims. I said I will believe it if he could put it in black and white. In which he replied: “No prob, it is only a 30 minutes job.” How could I refuse? We shook hands on 2 to 3 weeks delivery time including administration and extras.

Today is Thursday. He gave me a reserve to go around from the A-class till next Friday. Then he will provide me another for the remaining week(s)

I realized I could have done worse…

I wish it’s already Monday, delivery day.

Photography by Nigel Tomm

images: nigel tomm

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