just another day in paradise

Every day it is always the same sad story.

  • No, there is no boogey guy hanging outside your bedroom door waiting for you to fall asleep so he can attack you when you are unaware and most vulnerable.
  • No, there is no Ju-On under your bed, in the closet or behind doors either.
  • No, it’s impossible for a dead body to end up in your tub and miraculously comes to life the moment you sit on the loo to pee.
  • No, ghost of dead mother cannot travel from one continent to the next to visit you and her corpse will not materialize in bed in one of the guest rooms.
  • No, Danny Glick is not hanging outside your bedroom window suspended in the air; he’s safely back in Salem’s Lot.
  • And oh, all those funny noises you are hearing… they are not arach-bots slowly climbing up inside the pipes on their way to your bedroom to smother you while you are sleeping. It’s just the radiators, the boiler, the stairs that are settling in because of the difference in temperature. Houses make noises, it’s perfectly normal.
  • The scratching sounds are birds’ feet in the rain gutter. And the knocking on the roof is another bird trying to crack a nut against the outside wall of the chimney.

It’s true. You have seen it yourself, didn’t you?

  • No, bad guys will not single out your house upon given times to do their unspeakable deeds simply because you live there all alone. They will not break in and override the alarm installation to torture you for fun simply because they can.
  • No, they will not jump over two sets of fences to catch you by surprise while you are gardening and hurt you for no reason at all.
  • There is nobody in the garage either, or in the utility room, or in your dressing. And if the curtains are not drawn and you accidentally put on the lights inside… there is no psycho stalker watching your house monitoring your every move. Your house is supposed to be your haven.
  • You supposed to feel safe in there not outside in the streets or public places like you always wanted to believe. Stop it! Just stop it! For your own good please do. What will happen will happen anyway. No use worrying about it. You believe in destiny, don’t you? You know that life is pre-destined and there is nothing you can do about it. You will arrive at your destiny no matter what. You can detour, you can choose to do it the hard way or the easy way, but arrive there you will. So, why not just put your faith in God and enjoy the ride.

These things I keep telling myself every day. Sometimes it works, oftentimes not…


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38 thoughts on “just another day in paradise”

    1. actually, when i was writing this, i did not think about approach or style. i just focus on my personal fear/phobia/anxiety and tried to make it as simple/clinical as possible so readers can understand how complex ordinary mundane things could be for someone like me.


      1. morning here (5:22) and i’m off to my coffin in a moment before the sun goes up. thanks for chatting with me. much appreciated. have a nice week ahead.


    1. my mother said i have an over active imagination and i am still trying to figure out if it is a compliment or an insult.

      i live in a house where there are lots of french windows that reflect images over and over again and i can see through from one end of the house to the other end. even if i’m in the back garden i can see through the front , gate, streets and all. some moments it spook the hell out of me.

      you’re right about the power of imagination. they say don’t under estimate the power of suggestion and by God it’s true.

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      1. Depending on the type of window, you may be able to get blinds sandwiched in glass and frames. They’re definitely more expensive, but no dust. We have a set of those on our french doors. With regular window coverings, if you don’t have indoor pets, the dust isn’t too bad. (When we had cat litter in the house, the blinds got dusty pretty quickly. Ick.) The peace of mind is worth it, for me. 🙂


      2. i agree, peace of mind is priceless. i guess i have to let go some of my minimalist ideas and embrace window treatments, i will go for the blinds or those japanese panels i highly recommend on clients who don’t like curtains or draperies. i have white wooden venetian blinds in our country house and it’s an ordeal to clean them. i often take them in the shower with me 🙂 thanks for the suggestion of sandwiching blinds between glass and frames. that is something i never venture yet. definitely something to ponder.

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      3. oh, i forgot to say that i let someone attached a four-panels shutters from the inside of my bedroom window to avoid seeing my reflection on the glass in the night and to keep anyone from peering in although the room is from a considerable height from the ground and it is quite impossible for someone to look in unless that somebody has wings, but you never know… the picture of the room could be viewed on my about page, the last picture at the bottom.

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      4. Oh, yeah, there’s no way I could sleep in a room with no covers. My dad thoroughly scared that out of me when I was a kid (referenced in my latest post about the house when I was 12). 🙂


    1. really? i made it as simple as possible as not to destruct the main purpose of the post which is to let people understand in uncomplicated manner how complex and difficult an ordinary day could be for someone like me.


      1. exactly. like what i said already before, those who could relate are the ones who are on the same boat and only them would understand how difficult the situation is.


  1. […] my dream I can somehow shift scenes and situations to suit my desire for safety. I’m sure my irrational fears   have something to with it. They are the reasons why I installed five points locks on every door […]


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