The perfect road

I am not a soft country road,

I am a long hard highway,

I’m not your true love,

But your amusement of the day,

I am not your fellow traveller,

I am the road you pound,

I am not your blue-sky heaven,

I am the darkening clouds,

I am not the gentle grass,

I am the tall dead wheat,

See you give me false compliments,

And love incomplete,

I am not the gorgeous scenery,

I am the barren ground,

You tear me like tires tear grass,

Leaving wasteland all around,

You say I’m a roadside flower,

Wild and perfect, with not a rip,

But I’m just another pebble,

You run over along your trip,

I am not the sun that warms you back,

I am the rain that hits your hood,

You say I am your perfect light,

But you misunderstood,

I know I’m not your gentle trip,

For you never mean what you say,

So just stop calling me the perfect road,

And watch me drive away…

~ not mine


Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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