You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

My planet would have an agreeable weather, a micro climate with glorious summer and mild winter. No strong typhoons and monsoon is unheard of, so does hurricanes. It has no holes in ozone layer, the nature is still intact, no nuclear energy and electronic devices. There will be no urban jungles and over population. 

It would be something like John Lennon was talking about in “Imagine” a place where there is n o religion or hunger, where social differences don’t exists and everyone is equal. A while ago I wrote something like this: 

Will it be wonderful to wake up in a world devoid of colour? Where everyone has the same skin tone? Then probably equality would become a reality, peace will not be some kind of a far-off dream and we can finally live in a harmonious society where power and material gain are not the main motivation for every action taken.

I still wish for it…



Be memorable. Say something unforgettable.

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