Music In My Heart

What are the tree songs that most important in my life? Well, there is none. I wonder if there is really one that is important to someone like I understand what important is.

To me there are songs that bring back memories, a certain place, some special someone, a time in your life, even food (in my case it’s always been like that- no not food; I have love-hate relationship with food- all the songs that I like are connected to the past and indeed bring back a lot of memories for the rest I hate listening to music, to me they are noises) there are those that seem specially written for you and you alone, songs which every word spells your life front and backward, your sorrow, your pain, longing, desires and experiences. I have those too. If I have to give three it would be My Way by Ole Blue eyes, I’ve Never Been To Me by Charlene and I Am A Rock by Simon and Garfunkel. How about that for going literal? (har har)

How about theme songs? In my country theme songs are quite the thing for lovers. Not knowing or failing to remember what your theme song is can lead to relationship break up especially with teenagers and young adults. Not having a theme song can affect your popularity within your circle of friends. It means your beau is not really serious with you or otherwise the two of you have a theme song already.

First dance… my best friend first dance and right away become the theme song of her and her husband (yes they are both Caucasian. Surprise?) is probably the most popular song of the band Chicago, you guessed it right, If You Leave Me Now. She owned a café and he was one of the regulars. One night when the place was almost empty, they danced to that tune. They are married for almost forty years now.

Wedding march is arguably the most significant use of music in one’s personal life. You’re marching to another phase of your life, in some culture not only for better or for worse but forever as well. You see in my country there is still no divorce. Whether you and your other half keep to the promise or not years later, ones wedding march can never be forgotten that easily. Whenever you hear that music, you can either say: I marched to heaven or hell with that song.

That’s it. My twenty minutes of free writing is up and I have to stop here. Posted this piece the way it is in accordance to the rules meaning without correction. Ciao!