Ah, life!

My neighbours are mostly older people who are way past their early retirement ages. And though they are mostly nice, quiet people; they are also very interested, well- meaning, nosy individuals who got a lot of time to kill in their hands.

When the sun is shining, they will come out and stand at their open doors (sometimes in groups or alone) surveying the neighbourhood waiting for something to happen (or someone to pass by) and be sure they are the first who going to notice anything, anything at all.

When I come home from work, I am (feel) forced to make small talks with them ranging from the weather, their dogs, their illness, down to I’m putting my key the wrong way in the key hole (I wish they tell that to D.) damaging the door paint around the hole area. And they will gladly show me how to do it properly if I allow them.

I do like making small talks once in a while and I appreciate the concern but lately, the moment I approach my block, I’m kind of wishing…they are not there.

And if not, I find myself walking faster and faster, can’t wait to get inside, lock the door, breathe a sigh of relief, have a cup of green tea and listen to online radio from somewhere.

I have nothing against them. I like them enough. They are nice neighbours. But I find that after spending more than 8 hours with them at work; I have a right to have few hours to myself minus well-meaning, nice, very interested seniors who got a lot of time I don’t have.

Ah, life!