4 thoughts on “Silent Disturbance”

  1. Ever since I returned from Vietnam, sleep has not been easy for me. I wake up several times every night wanting to hear silence, because, to me, any out-of-the-ordinary sound is a threat to be taken seriously. This is one of the symptoms of PTSD from serving in combat and for some of us, it is much worse than waking up wanting to only hear silence. Sometimes we wake up drenched in sweat back there, and it is frighteningly real.


    1. I sympathize. For us who don’t know how it was out there we can only guess though I’m a fellow PTSD sufferer from another kind. I still can’t sleep without locking the door of my bedroom and having a big knife under my pillow.


      1. I also sleep with weapons. I also installed a sold core, steel clad door with a bolt lock. It is very solid. The old door was hollow core and opened into the room and I was told it didn’t matter how hard I tried to make it difficult to break in, as long a the door opened into the room and was hollow core, it was easy to force open.

        The new door opens the other way and when closed, it is up against the jamb so anyone wanting to smash their way in will end up bouncing off repeatedly and the door won’t budge. To get in, they will either have to pick the lock or use explosives. :o)

        My family calls this part of the house, my bunker.

        If anyone breaks into the house we live in, I want time to get ready to defend myself, and I have an assortment of weapons to call on to do just that.

        By the way, a knife isn’t that great of a defensive weapon, because that means yo have to let them get too close. You really don’t want an assailant to get that close to you. In Vietnam, knowing that, one of the Marines in my unit filed his front teeth until they were razor sharp. He could tear the too off tin cans with them. If his K BAR failed, he wanted to have another back up weapon.

        My suggestion: Buy yourself a canister of pepper spray meant to stop a grizzly bear. It shoots a stream of pepper spray 30 feet. The one to stop dogs only shoots 10 feet. You can buy the one for bears on Amazon and have it delivered. The knife should be your back up—a last resort.

        I also have pepper spray in “my bunker”.


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