Lonely people tend, rather, to be lonely because they decline to bear the psychic costs of being around other humans. They are allergic to people. People affect them too strongly.

~ David Foster Wallace

I tend to believe this.  I, for one need at least days if not weeks to recuperate after being with people. I feel they suck my energy. I can sense their troubles, sadness in pain. Even in the streets, strangers who brush through me leave something behind and I can feel it sticking on my skin, burrowing itself through my pores and ending up in my system keeping me awake whole night.

Lately it is getting much worse. I can hardly stand a visit from family members, even my own children exhaust me. I feel they are invading my privacy and crumbling my structure, messing up my otherwise settled day; I can’t wait for them to go away so I can lie in my bed under the sheets, trembling.

I wonder if there is someone out there who replays in her/his head all the conversations that went on during encounters with people, analyzing every word of what have been  said and looking for a better approach to improve the communications and connections, looking for hidden meaning and motives among them.

Or it is just me, being plain crazy…


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21 thoughts on “Loneliness”

  1. You are too sensitive. I think that we need a bit of both privacy and people. In my case I like to be with people half of the time and some privacy too. If I have too much of one or the other I don’t feel at ease.


      1. The problem is to know what is normal. If it’s being mediocre, average, formal, conventional, conformist then according to those who know me I’m very far from it


      2. Yes everything comes down to individual perception but the perception of many people nowadays is often dictated by the media, consumerism and social conventions.


      3. Society and majority and keeping up with the Joneses, status and whatever it is that doesn’t rock the boat unless you’re a celebrity. No wonder we’re in an awful mess (my personal point of view alone of course)

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  2. You are not crazy! There are others like you. I have a friend who is very much like this. Social contact can fill him with fear, but he pushes himself to go out of his comfort zone. He prefers social media over face to face contact, some people are just made up that way, but there is help for it. Help to not let it totally make you a recluse. I am sure it has to be hard.


  3. I am also “allergic” to people but I don’t feel lonely. All we need is a balance between socializing with others and enjoying our own company.


  4. You my friend are an introvert. Ha! I know this because as what you have written in this post that it sometimes takes you days of rest to get back on your feet to be able to interact with others, I am like that too and the last paragraph, I do that all the time. You are not crazy, you’re just being you and it’s perfectly fine to disect everything and there’s a name for it it’s called overthinkinh which I very much suffer from day in day out. 🙂


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