If I could have any author –living or dead – write my biography, who would I choose?

Hmmm… tricky. I would like to say the great Edgar Allan Poe or the Mighty Stephen King but despite of all the strange occurrences, hallucinatory personal experiences and numerous encounters with the unknown I still think they are the wrong writers to pen my life.

I briefly debated between Charlotte Brontë and Lesley Pearse and even considered Philippa Gregory for all the obvious reasons but in the end if there is someone who is going to write my Memoirs or (Auto)biography that would be no other than me.

I know myself and my story better than anyone else. Who could bring them to life more vivid and truer than the one who experience them personally? I alone know the horror, the difficulties, the joy and sorrow of what I’ve been through, I can recall them like no one else and I alone can give justice to those feelings which is (I believe) necessary to write those kinds of books to make it real and effective rather just an account of one’s personal life.

No, there will be no ghostwriter necessary for me.


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