Spring Cleaning

Lately I’m beginning to rely more and more on my archives to find articles to post on my blog. I simply have no time to write new ones. Since the weather change for the better I find myself saddle with a lot of things to tackle on top of the daily routine and bits and pieces of my ordinary life.

Suddenly there is roof, gate, driveway and patio to wash; perennials to dig, move and divide, hedges and trees to trim, spent flowers and ornamental grasses  to cut, the pond needs cleaning so is the gutter and the garage needs some tidying up and organizing. Not to mention the house is ready for the annual spring cleaning and of course all those chores have to be done all over again for our country house which is a bit more daunting than doing the same for our house in the suburb because not only the house in the country is three times bigger, I have a real cottage garden there too as opposed to landscaped one we have here near the city. And anyone who has a cottage garden knows how hard it is to keep and maintain one. It seems easy for it has relax abandoned atmosphere but looks can be deceiving believe you me. And of course there is the vegetables garden as well…


Another thing is (now that the weather is good) I prefer working outside than sitting on the front of the computer. As if all those things that seemed important last winter don’t hold any significance anymore now that the sun is shining. All I want to do is go outside and explore, watch the things grow and listen to the birds singing. I even resume my daily afternoon walk after work. The day is getting longer and I have more time to roam and relax. In the weekend I find myself visiting garden centres again to look for new wonderful plants to add to my collection or just to walk around and observe. It’s nice to see all those possibilities one can have if one chooses to.

There is a lot of work to be done but I’m doing it with lightheartedness and enthusiasm. Spring is truly magical, full of life, hopes, inspirations and new horizons to explore. I can hardly wait for the flowers to bloom.


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Your days are getting longer and it seems as though my days are becoming shorter, Maybe I need to loosen up my to do list, but it seems that you are quite effective with time management. Maybe someday Ill be able to become expert, as soon as I was getting the hang of my routine the time change happens and Im back at square one trying to keep up….so sad.


    1. I don’t want to sound sexist or something but I think most women are good in time management and multi tasking. But of course there are always some exemption s to the rules. Perhaps your significant partner can help you with the tasks.


  2. Having a relatively rambling place in the country with land/large garden as well, I can empathise with you! All good things come at a price i’m afraid!


    1. Yes, you’re right. But when the sun shines and the flowers bloom and the insects zooming around with the birds singing and I’m laying in the hammock in my gazebo… life is indeed grand.


  3. Oh joy for longer days and wandering through them in the bright sunshine. Though your workload may be heavier with the addition of all the outdoor responsibilities, I am happy for you that you get to be out there digging in the dirt and helping Mother Nature bring spring into her full force and beauty. Enjoy!

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