16 thoughts on “Guilty”

  1. We often speak of different kinds of “walls” that we put up, but how powerful and moving it is for you to bring notice to the “roof” or “lid” screwed on by someone else. It’s similar to “You left me there” or “You assisted my suicide” or “You guaranteed my demise” or “You did nothing.” I think your words would further the depth and truth in poems such as the one below (I’m not sure who wrote it):

    I build walls:
    Walls that protect,
    Walls that shield,
    Walls that say I shall not yield
    Or reveal
    Who I am or how I feel.

    I build walls:
    Walls that hide,
    Walls that cover what’s inside,
    Walls that stare or smile or look away,
    Silent lies,
    Walls that even block my eyes
    From the tears I might have cried.

    I build walls:
    Walls that never let me
    Truly touch
    Those I love so very much.
    Walls that need to fall!
    Walls meant to be fortresses
    Are prisons after all.

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    1. What a wonderful, moving piece of poetry. But you’re right, some house needs a roof to reinforce the walls.
      Someone said to me once and I quote:
      “Obviously, you crawled inside there to feel SAFE.
      That “lid”, just like your fears …. exists only in your mind.
      Sometimes, when we are lonely, anywhere is a BETTER place to be.”
      Obviously the person has never been in the same place as I or others like me.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the poem.

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  2. Beautiful 🙂 I love this. For me in my life, I need to build more walls. My castle is a wide open plain that people can just walk into. I think it is hard to find a balance of pulling up walls at the right time. It is hard to find that balance of when to let people in and when to shut predators out to protect yourself.


    1. I never heard this version before. I guess being too long inside walls, I never consider that there is also a downside on being on the other side. I thought that people who are wide open are strong and wise enough to see and ward off predatory beings. Thank you for sharing us your thoughts. It was enlightening.


  3. Well written, it’s like BAM! There’s stuff that just like “HITS” you and this has to among that.


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