I followed him downstairs. I can’t help it. Too tempting.

I rolled the tea inside my mouth without swallowing it.

Smile playing on my lips.

I sneaked a mouthful of the hot liquid before I went after him.

No whys. Just.

I caught him under the stairs, not surprised. Eyes asking.

I came to him spontaneously. Put my hands on both sides of his face and drawn him to me.

I poured the contents of my mouth slowly in his.

A method I learned from a lover of long past.

He made a guttural sound and pulled me tighter.

I felt something. Pushed him slightly away and smiled into his eyes.

I ran back upstairs and played cards with my friends.

I cannot forget the looks on his face, a mixture of longing and disbelief.

I like it.


image: xheresyourletter & cosmak

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